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Monday, June 4, 2012

English Otome Mobile Apps

English otome apps are now available in smartphones! The art and the bishies are eye candy and the   premises are engaging. These are all paid apps but they all come with free prologues to tempt your wallets. Finally,  English games that are accessible! I wish I can just pay it in my local currency rather than credit card.

"Pirates in Love" is the first title of Voltage Romance Sims. It's available both in itunes and play. You'll have to pay for each characters and epilogues. I really want to play Eduardo!

"My Forged Wedding" is also from Voltage and are also available in itunes and play . The prologue doesn't give away the details as to why exactly they need to fake the wedding but check out the video above to have an idea why. I'm gravitating to Saeki (the ladies man) and Yamato (the rude guy). Also, the "uncle" seems to be play-able character in the future. Interesting.

"Ren'Ai Shugi Road to Emerald" is the lolita-lized Dorothy figure heroine and bishified otome versions of the scarecrow, tinman and lion. Even the evil wizard is a bishie too! I wonder now how the fairtytale would end now that it has the romance element. Unlike the first two there's a heroine character. It's from Image Circus and available in itunes only.

Thanks to the anonymous tip :) Sorry, I haven't tried "Shall We Date" since it's not compatible with my android phone and it's not available in itunes either. I'll post about it once I've tried it all.

If there's other apps out there that I missed or if there's new titles please let me know! :) 


  1. DON'T! Get the one that has the loli and is about Wizard of OZ. I bought it and it was a waste of money. Only about one CG per character. But, the others one's are awesome! Even though they're expensive, LOL

  2. Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. There's a few more mobile phone otome games, like PureLove, MoteMote, Always Remember me...this list is pretty helpful: http://englishotomegames.tumblr.com/list

  4. HOMG thanks a lot for this site!! :)))

  5. I don't know where I should suggest this, but I found a dating sim that's a reverse harem AND it is going to be in English.


    It's about a girl that picks up five animals that turn into these hot guys :D

  6. The "Shall we Date" game series is really good. When you first buy the game you get 3 to 5 (depends on the game) characters with 4 to 5 (depends on the game) different endings. The extra character packs are slightly over priced usually compared to the game in the first place and usually contain 2 to 3 characters. The translations are usually good with only 1 or 2 errors per game....... The voltage games work differently. You buy each character separately. As I've only bought 1 character I can't give a decent description on over all but I really liked that character..... For the Android there is also Gree which is a wanna be social network that is actually pretty not evil as far as those things go. On Gree there is A shall we date game and a voltage game ALL for free you just have to do the whole wait till tomorrow thing. The other otome games i've tried on android are from koyon complete, Love Academy and Pure love . Also wann add that you should look at the sleepy time boyfriend series and see if any of your fave voice actors played along lol....

  7. I play otome games all the time and there are plenty on app stores. I am with android and typing in "otome" in the search bar will bring up tonnes of english otome app games (i'm from Australia though).

    Try it..!!

  8. its not in the app store anymore I like to have it back please


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