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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince - 20 episodes

King Li Gak and his three subjects jumps forward into the 21st century Korea and to be more specific, they land straight through Bu Yong's rooftop house. King Li believes he's here to investigate a murder. The pieces to solving the puzzle are the same people from Joseon era who are reincarnated in the present time. It's like a jigsaw puzzle. You know the pieces but you don't know how they are all related. But the drama slowly (not dragged on) fits the pieces together and answered all your questions in the end. But after piquing much of your curiosity it leaves you hating because it ended abruptly and it left you wanting for more. But alas! We know there's no other choice for a good ending.  

The antics of the four time travellers basically got me hooked. I was laughing a LOT. I think the last time I laughed liked this was with the first Hana Kimi jdrama. But after they adapted to the modern lifestyle the tone shifts to seriousness. It's the scheming/battling out of the good and bad guys and the melancholic love story. There's chemistry between the two leads especially towards the end which feels real heartbreaking.

This is not a straight up reverse harem but the cohabitation factor seals the deal. (kdrama cliche 101: attics/rooftops with or without cohabitation ie. Attic Cat, Flower Boy, Secret Garden). Although Yong Sul's puppy crush for Bu Yong is cute it was just there in the obvious but not something to make a big deal of to complicate the story. But it's funny that Youg Sul dares to disobey the King in the modern times because of it. It's Yuchon's second reverse harem drama and it's interesting to note that it aired the same season with Fashion King headlined by Yoo An In. The SKK lives on! But sadly I dropped FK after trying out the 1st ep. In the same note of fashion, I find Se Na really pretty in hanbok and the staple corporate look: short dresses with blazers. 

Overall, again, I'm only in for the comedy and it tricked me to into finishing the comedy turned drama. Still a must watch! Pepare your tissues! You'd cry from either too much laughing or of sadness. Thanks for the anonymous tipper! :)

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