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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Manga Review: Nise no Chigiri

Nise no Chigiri ("Marriage Vows") - 4 volumes (completed) story by: Kanshuu Idea Factory and art by Shushushu Sakurai

Mana time-travels back to Sengoku era and meets historical figure, General Kenshin and his ninjas who I think are fictitious.

It's like Fushigi Yugi meets Geten No Hana. It's based on an otome game and character designs in otome games are almost always highly-stylized. I wasn't too keen with the storyline since transporting back in time is one of the oldest trick in reverse harem. Mana is believed to be a disciple of Bishamonten so the ninjas protect her. It's another play of the maiden and guardians trope. I was more into it for the eye candies. My favorite bishies are the ninja, Masato and the villain, Kansuke. But as the story shows their individual backstories, it ends unexplored making you want to check the game.  Kudos to the creators in piquing my interest for the game. I see a lot of potential especially for Masato and Kansuke while Shuuya's love for sweets is so cute. Mana is just your typical shoujo heroine. I don't find her irritating but not exactly thrilled with her either. The series is already finished and I'm not happy with who she ends up with. Boo! And I don't why it was entitled "Marriage Vows" though. I tried to skim for the otome game reviews and it looks like the two older men have their own routes too!

It's also shameful that I was hoping it was R-18 especially during her encounters with Kansuke. And in other unrelated idea, how I wish for a R-18 Hakuouki. Wasn't it just a few months ago that I've wished for ONA SSL and look what we got...a drama! Now let's close our eyes and make a wish for it. 


  1. I read it and I like it because I really like when it's in this type of era. problem :it was too short for me.

  2. I already read this. that's too short ! I would like more. that's totally my type of manga.


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