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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rockin' Heaven

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By ayreesa

"Rockin' Heaven" by Mayu Sakai 6 volumes-ongoing

Sawa chose Amawa Gakuen because of their cute uniforms. But she founds out that it was only that same school year that they opened the school for girls. And she happens to be in section 1-G or as what the other students call as the garbage class. The art is beautiful and her classmates are cute especially...(you'll know who). The things he does for her is ssso sweet. Look out for the signs. Some are subtle and some are oh-so-obvious.


  1. Loove Rocki'n Heaven its awesome.

  2. Rockin' Heaven is such an awesome manga!!! Rannnn <33

  3. I love the manga rockin heaven! there are 3 guys in love with her, so is that a reverse harem? i think it is


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