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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dear School Gang Leader

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By ayreesa

"Aa Aishi no Banchousama" ("Dear School Gang Leader") Fujikata Mayu 3 volumes - ongoing

Hirayama transferred to an industrial high school not knowing that it has an 850 all-male population. It's a funny and a promising manga that I can't wait for more.

Thanks to Tartza for the tip!


  1. Dear School Gang Leader is an absolutely fun read. I wasn't too hot on the art style when I picked it up, but I soon got over that after the first chapter. Now it's one of the manga series that I must absolutely have. ^_~

  2. Spoiler Alert:
    In all honesty, I'm not sure you can call Souka's situation a reverse Harem but she certainly is powerful, in a funny way. Stil.... there aRE three guys after her so...She is soooo LUCKY!!!!lol

    At first it just seemed funny, but I love the characters and feel myself becoming a "follower" of teh cute, spunky girl, constantly edging on her relationship with Katou, is that too wierd? But I do feel pretty bad for him by the second book.I can't wait for the release of the next volume

  3. how many chapter is dear school gang leader?

  4. how many chapter is dear school gang leader?

  5. 9 chapters scanlated so far...but I've read up to 5th only.

  6. I promise that this will be my last comment for now, lol xD

    I will check this manga out, seems fun ^^
    I want to leave suggestion to you but I usually do not read manga ^^; But if you interested in otome game that in English, you should try Yo-Jin_bo (it's in English !!, if you don't know already ^^;) That's so fun to play and there are 6 guys to go after. (I only can give suggestion that related to otome game, sorry, but probably you already know about this one, hehe ^^). The company who release this going down, so hard to buy it, but I have link to download only if you want though ^^;

  7. no problems. thanks to all the comments :) yah share the link. I havn't played any single otome yet. huhu

  8. Yup, so this is the link ^-^

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Password : tehparadox.com

    Just place all 3 parts on same folder and extract it (don't forget to add password), and you are set ^-^.

    If you got some question about it, you can message me at my youtube


    In that channel I uploading storyline for Love Revo, though with my bad english translation subtitle, lol. (not yet finished though).

  9. Hi! I'm suggesting a fun manhwa about school gangs as well. The title is HONGGANE. Well, it's really funny and the girl is literally untouchable because of those guys surrounding him. :) Oh, and thank you so much for this blog! This is my reference of what manga to read for the entire summer. lol.


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