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Monday, January 31, 2011

Wallpapers and Upcoming, Unconfirmed Reverse Harems

Starry Sky limited wallpaper until February 4 at honeybee to commemorate the new drama cd.


Some wallies to watch out for that looks like reverse harem.

Mairu no Bicchi by Zakuri Sato - MU summary

Misupuri by Madoka Seizuki - MU summary  (note to myself: this is not yet in MAL)

             Alice Binetsu 38°C by Ayumi Kokoro-  MU summary  (not yet in MAL)

Kou Himetachi no Sengoku by  Kaori Akatsuki (not yet in MAL)

Hana ni Kedamono  by Miwako Sugiyama MU summary (not yet in MAL)

      Majyo Rin by Setsuko Yoneyama not a wallie but check the Mu summary
 and character wallies from Bothers Conflict by Atsuko Kasane (not yet in MAL) after the jump.

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