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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Here's the round up of Halloween treats and events from reverse harem anime, mangas and dramas;  otome games and other related titles.

From 5 to 9

From Nil Admirari. Check the rest of the messages on Twitter Media.

From Meiji Tokyo Renka

From La Corda d'Oro. Check the rest on Twitter media.

From Yume 100

From B-Project

From Neoromance

From Phantom in the Twilight

From Tenka Tōitsu Koi no Ran

From Dame x Prince

From Ikemen Vampire

From Mystic Messenger

From Prince of Legend. More greetings on Twitter Media.

From Ore-Sama Kingdom

From The Demon Prince of the Momochi House

From Okko Sweet Romance

From Voltage

From Hana Yori Dango

From Idolish 7

From Idolish 7 via Mangapark

From Bakumatsu

From Kirimi

UPDATE 1 11/5 added TATBILB


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