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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Ristorante Paradiso- 11 episodes

Nicoletta confronts her runaway mom and finds her in a cafe by the corner in Rome, Casetta Dell'orso. It may be reverse harem at first when she becomes the female apprentice among the bespectacled gentlemen staff. But as each of the characters's backstory are explained, it becomes less and less of a reverse harem. It may be for some people who prefers May-December romance. Overall, it's a breath of new air for the usual animes. It's like a slice -of-life and food. The Italian cuisines are delectable and the setting is so romantic.


  1. ello, found two reverse harems!!
    KIN NO ANGEL and
    both can be found @ mangafox....wooh

  2. wee thanks! do you read all the new mangas in MF everyday? @_@

  3. well, i dont know any other sites, the only other one it onemanga and they post the same thing as mangafox...and i like to see if i can find anything new to read. most of the time i dont remeber to tell you about all the new ones ive found (it would be annoying to u anyway) but i try to contribute. :)
    p.s. do you know any other sites??(that are free !!)

  4. i read mostly from MF. if it's not yet there I try to see if someone's scanlating it or sometimes I find other titles in not-so-popular sites through google

  5. you could always try animeA


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