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Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Kou!

Belated Happy Birthday Kou! Check out Dialover for other wallie formats.                                 

Freshest News: new Fushigi Yugi Byaako, Hakuouki musical digest and Strobe Edge movie photos

The March issue of Flowers will include a new spinoff, "Fushigi Yugi: Byaako Ibun". The magazine will also have news about the Suzaku and Seiryu plays. More info from ANN. According to Yuu Watase's blog it will be  a yomikiri which is a self-contained short story of a few chapters or less". From ANN.

Watch the digest video of Hakuouki ~ Chikage Kazama Chapter musical. The DVD of the performance will be shipped out on May 22. From ANN

Check out new promotional pictures of the Strobe Edge movie at Natalie. Via ANN

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Movie Review: Ooku: Eien Emonnosuke Tsunayoshi-hen

"Ooku: Eien Emonnosuke Tsunayoshi-hen" ("The Castle of Crossed Destinies") - released Dec. 22, 2012

The second movie continues to where the tv series left off.  Tsunayoshi Tokugawa is now grown up and the current ruler of Japan. She's the daughter of first woman shogun, Iemetsu. And in keeping up with the tradition she has an ooku to ensure the succession and the future of the kingdom. The people have now accepted their different roles in the society. The government is run by women while men are treated like commodities. The shogun and the men of ooku have also accepted their duties faithfully without question. And to play their designated roles the politics inside the ooku has been cunning more than ever. For MATURE audience only.
First a little...okay a long backstory. I was flipping through channels and for a split second an image flashed and I had this feeling that it was a scene from Ooku. And when I switched it back, it really was! But it was about 20 minutes away to the end. So I just watched  the dramatic ending without knowing what transpired on almost the entire movie. I checked the schedule for Screen Red Asia and guess what it won’t be airing again for the entire December. I’ve been looking for the subs for years! I mentally noted myself to check again on January and thank Kamisama it will be shown thrice! So I marked the calendar and waited for the fateful day. It was Sunday and the last day before the start of the classes from the holiday. I had to bring my sons to the barber shop for haircut. But the queue was long, I guess everybody had the same idea as me to had their sons get their haircut on the last day of the vacation. They've just sat on the chairs by the time the movie started so I had to call my eldest son to record the movie. I think I missed the first 20 minutes.  I feel so frustrated that I’ve watched the ending first, then the middle part after several weeks and the opening scene last. 

When I watched the ending I thought it was Arikoto of the TV series. I thought it was disturbing that he fell in love with Iemetsu's daughter. I only found out that it was a different character when I've watched the second time. I should have figured it out earlier since Keishoin was really old. Arikoto should have looked way older than him. I wonder if Arikoto and Emonnosuke really looked the same in the manga. I also wonder if the manga also left out the present shogun from the first movie. Not to confuse the timelines, watch the Ooku movie, then the TV drama,  Ooku ~Tanjou~Arikoto Iemitsu Hen and then this movie. If you have seen the TV series the tragic element shouldn't come as a surprise. But this is me now saying this after forgetting and then reliving the tragedy. Check out the Ooku tags for my other reviews.   

I'm not sure how historically accurate the costumes are but all through out the franchise, the elaborate design which affects how they walked fascinated me. The kicking of the shogun’s robes so as not to stumble and the sharp shoulder and uber long pants for the men which makes me wonder how they can walk on that.  It forces them to walk elegantly and look stupid at the same time. But they have all the time in the world to make themselves beautiful and to take their time savoring each step. After all, it’s a never-ending walk of pageantry of consort, candidates, and concubines. It’s a neverending walk inside there own prison-like existence. I can’t imagine a life being kept in the confines. They’re all prisoners of their destinies that they can’t get out of.

This is reverse harem in a literal and truest essence. Harem is a forbidden place for men and where all the wives and concubines are housed. With the reversal of the genders, the lady shogun has a place locked up with thousand men for her beck and call. This is not the cute or romantic reverse harem stories that we're used to. It's harsh and if not for the beautiful writing it would have been simply smut. What’s more awkward was that the opening scene had a chamber scene and it was my son recording that scene for me. I love the direction and the atmosphere. The characters are wearing in masks inside their own flamboyant world.    

I already mentioned this before but the lead actor and actress dated after the filming and eventually registered for marriage. The movie also reunited Sakai Masato and Jun Kaname of reverse harem jdrama, Himitsu Hanazono. Jun Kaname also starred in another reverse harem drama, Atashinchi no Danshi

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Freshest News: Heart no Kuni musical cast, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime announcement and new Fushigi Yugi play

Here's the cast of Heart no Kuni musical in costume. More info from ANN.

There will be an "important announcement" regarding the manga, Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, next month. (I hope it's an anime adaptation!) From ANN.  

There will be a new stage adaptation of Fushigi Yugi. It will be Tamahome's version of the story which will be played by Yutaka Kyan in his first starring role. It will run on March 19 to 29. Check the full story at ANN. (Wow! It's raining musicals left and right!)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

News Round Up: Full cast of Kami Kiss play, Yona PV, Dream Knight PV and Gogure! manga spinoff resumes

I missed posting Mizuki's but here's the group picture instead for the upcoming Kamisama Kiss musical. Check out more pics and the cast interview at ANN.

Watch the third promotional video for Dream Knight. It will premiere on Naver TV Cast, Tudou and Youku. More info from allkpop.

Also a third promotional video coming from Akatuski No Yona. It features one of the dragons. There's also new OP and ED songs starting on episode 15. From CR.

The spin-off manga, Gogure! Shigaraki-san resumes on the March issue of Gangan Joker. The tanuki spin off of Gogure! Kokkuri-san already ended last December. More info from ANN.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Manga Review: Heartful Kareshi

Heartful Kareshi by Moa Hato - 16 chapters - completed

Hiyoko Tosoka is the only human in the very prestigious Saint PigeoNation Academy. The pigeons have pseudo human appearances. 

I liked the premise of being the only human in all-pigeon school which is like the play of the usual only girl in an all-boy school. But aside from that there's basically no driving plot in the story. It's more of a slice-of-bird-life than a reverse harem per se. But this is based on the otome or visual novel dating sim and it's popularity led me to reading it.

It’s confusing to track who’s who even if they have human representations and different personalities. But I have to admit they’re really cute in both in their pigeon and human forms. It also doesn't help that the heroine is in a first person shooting game mode and her only identifying attribute looks closest to a chicken drumstick.

The manga combines four panel when they’re in pigeon form and the standard manga format when in faux human form. The four-panel are generally fun but sometimes I just don’t get it. I guess too many avian inside jokes? But now every time I see pigeons in real life I feel I have special affinity with them.  It really cracked me up that the birds declared their independence in my country, the Philippines.

I think visually it works for otome but not so much for manga. I’m sorry that’s my laziness talking because it really requires effort to tell them apart. I agree with what I read before that this is meant as a complementary for the game. 

I have created 'anthropomorphism' tag. I would love to discuss this trope especially with all the weird stuff coming up recently like -- sushi and chewing gums but I realized it deserves a separate entry. Watch out for it in the future!

News Round Up: Hakuouki musical, Kami Kiss musical and Dream Knight teaser

Check out the photos of Hakuouki musical at ANN. The play ran last January 10-12.

Here's Kurama for the upcoming Kamisama Kiss musical. From ANN.

Here's a poster from Dream Knight. From FB.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Related: Gugure Kokkuri-San (Anime Review)

Gugure Kokkuri-San - 12 episodes

Kohina is an elementary student who lives alone and on ramen. One day she summoned a fox spirit and it vowed to haunt her after seeing her desolate conditions. It becomes a haunting party in a different sense of word when other spirits join in.    

A girl living with three males is easily a reverse harem but alas the anime series is far from it. The term "three males" is a generic word for these three suspicious characters. First, the two are really old for the little girl. Like maybe centuries old. Second, the other two can transform to their female forms. Yup, optional. And it's weirder that transforming to their animal forms is much more natural over their female forms in the reverse harem setup. And third, only two fit the the bishonen bill.       

Another major factor why it's not a reverse harem is that the anime is not a shoujo, so I was debating if I really need to blog about it but I can't just let it pass. It's a comedy show with the very weird sense of humor. Don't even let me get started on the psychedelic opening and the animal credits. If you can get pass the eccentricity you'll get some good laughs. The girl is always in chibi form which reminds me of Sunako of "The Wallflower". But there will be some flashes of her normal form. It's a non-stop rollercoaster ride of random fun but from time to time you'll get twinges of seriousness that makes me go awww like the maple tree episode. The ending was so powerful for me. It took just a few seconds but I can't stop thinking about it. If anyone have read the manga can you give me spoilers between the real deal between them?  

News Round Up: new Yona visual, send questions to KamiKiss' mangaka, Cute High Earth Defense Club otome & Dream Knight drama

Here's the third key visual of Akatsuki no Yona as it enters the second cour. From CR.

Got a question to Kamisama Hajimemashita's mangaka, Julietta Suzuki? Head to Funimation for details and send it over by January 12. 

The new bishonen/magical boys anime, "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, inspires a smartphone otome. It will be out on late February. More info from ANN.

Okay is this a reverse harem or what??? It's a web drama, Dream Knight, featuring Kpop boyband GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon. It will be out on January 27, 2015. "... story of a young girl suffering from the aftermath of her past until a mysterious group of boys suddenly appear in her life. The drama  will also deal with the themes of teenage dreams, love, and friendship." From: allkpop.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

News Round Up: Kami Kiss musical still, Haruka 6 manga and a lot more!

Here's the first character visual from the upcoming musical adaptation of Kamisama Kiss. More info from ANN.

The otome Haruka: Beyond The Stream of Time 6 gets a manga adaptation in Aria. Check out the rest of the character stills and full info at ANN.

Fits Yawaraka won as the most popular gum boyfriend in 'Gum Kare!'. But the heroine has still not transformed back to her human form and there will be an addition of new 'Mint' character. Check out ANN for more info and videos. I've also added Christmas and New Year greetings from Gum Kare! bishies. 

And speaking of contests, here's a belated follow up of the Crunchyroll contest for the English title of Watashi ga Motete Dousunda. The official winning title is, "Kiss Him, Note Me". From CR.

If you're in Asia, catch the subtitled movie, "The Castle of Crossed Destinies" on Screen Red Asia channel on January 22. (I've already watched it. I'll post my review soon. )

I'm not sure if it's a reverse harem, but go check out the subbed trailer of the upcoming Korean movie, C'est si Bon on Asianwiki, It's about a music group and it's muse. It will be out on February. I see Oppa of Reply 1994!

Here's the poster and teaser of Orouboros featuring the reunion of Hana Kimi alum, Shun Oguri and Toma Ikuto. The police drama will be air on January 16. From avirtualvoyage.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Here's a rundown of new year's greetings!

Vitamin Z from  @kirishima

Ren of Uta Prince no Sama from @Ren_J_SH

Camus of UtaPri from @Camus_SH

Cecil of UtaPri from @Cecil_A_SH

Tokiya of UtaPri from @Tokiya_I_SH

 From @arpakaco

From Akatsuki no Yona via ANN

From DiaLov blog.

UPDATE 1: 1/6/2015 added Gum Kare!
UPDATE 2: 1/11/2015 added Diabolik Lovers

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year 2014 in Review

Kamigami no Asobi

Here's to my first ever year in review! To start off, the animes are still dominated by otome adaptations with Kamigami no Asobi series, La Corda  d'Oro Blue Sky series, Hakuouki movie part 2, Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden OVA and Brothers Conflict OVA.

Otome apps in smartphones are also increasing by the numbers and in fact it spawned ONA, Bonjour Koiaji Patissierie. There's also numbers of otomes being ported to PS Vita, while a few were given English versions in mobile phones like  Heart no Kuni, Hakuouki and Hiiro no Kakera. There were also major news announced this year: the English version of Ozmafia, the third season of Uta Price no Sama anime series and the 20th anniversary remake of the first reverse harem game, Angelique.

There's a lone manga adaptation this year which is Akatsuki no Yona. There's other two announced projects based on mangas, the second season of Kamisama Hajimemashita anime series and  live action movie of Strobe Edge. Both projects to come out next year. I hope that it's a good sign of more manga adaptations to come. 

The year was also big on stage play adaptation announcements. There's Brothers Conflict, Storm Lovers, Demon Prince,  another Hakuouki,  Heart no Kuni and Kamisama Hajimemashita. 

I think the highlight of the year is getting into the world of reverse harem novels. I never saw it coming! And I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. There are still a lot of titles that I need to dive into. My favorite so far is The Ghost Bird Series and with Spearwood Academy as runner up. 

In mangas, my favorite is Akatsuki no Yona. I could say in advance that it's my favorite anime too for the year but it's still currently airing. If I really have to pick a favorite anime of the year, I have no choice but to say Kamigami no Asobi since La Corda was a fail and I haven't seen Jyuza yet. I don't have a favorite drama for the year as I haven't seen the new reverse harem dramas that were recommended by readers and Records of a Night Watchman seems nowhere near to be a reverse harem. Let's not forget the ambitious Hollywood remake of Hana Yori Dango which is Boys Before Friends. It was placed on hiatus early this year. 

This year I also started attending events and I met Jenny Han of young adult book, To All The Boys I've Loved Before and Emi Takei of jdrama, Asuko March, for the Rurouni Kenshin premier.  

I feel like this year was the rebirth of this blog as I get really serious in improving all the aspects of the site. There's still lot of work to be done but I'm happy that I was able to finally start getting things happen. I think the most important improvement for me is that I have now made a conscious effort on my reviews. I cringe everytime I read my very, very short generic reviews. It will be hard for me to undo or re-do my old posts but moving forward I assure you that those days are over. I have so many plans in store for you for next year and let's hope for more reverse harem projects!

And to cap off the entire year, what the heck happened with Trick or Alice? I really thought the "2014" on its homepage meant it will air this year.

See ya all next year! ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

News Round Up: Hana Moyu stills & trailer, KamiKiss play teaser and Hakuouki in Android

Check out the character still from upcoming and unconfirmed reverse harem taiga drama, "Hana Moyu". From official Facebook account. The solo pictures with the ikemen and the flowers are so reverse harem!!! 

The trailer is also now available at the official site. There's so many ikemen! It's like a Shinsengumi-dream come true!

Here's a teaser of the cast of the upcoming stage adaptation of "Kamisama Kiss". From ANN.

Hakuouki is also now on Android phones! Taken via English Otome Games.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Download the wallie until Dec. 26.

Merry Christmas!

Here's a roundup of all the Christmas greetings and treats from your favorite reverse harem titles:

From Hakuouki SSL. Download the rest of the time-limited wallpapers from Otomate until December 26. And in lieu of wallpaper there's a short story for Amnesia World.

Download the Christmas short story from The Academy, "Sound of Snowfall".

From Arcana Famiglia's twitter.

Download Diabolik Lovers Christmas-themed icons from twitter.

From Gum Kare! twitter.

I hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones!

Update 1: 1/6/2015 Added Gum Kare!