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Monday, January 11, 2010

Unconfirmed Reverse Harem Dramas and Animes

I'm neck deep in the huge backlog of mangas I'm planning to read-- 83 titles! That's not including titles that aren't yet in MAL database. To save time I've decided to share some prospects in animes and dramas I'm planning to watch so if in case you have seen it or will about to watch it please share if it is a reverse harem or not. :)

Queen Seun Deok- I read somewhere that there's an equivalent of F4 in the cast??

The Magicians of Love - Someone in skribit also suggested this.

Love Este

Mirmo de Pon- If you check wiki it's tagged as reverse harem under its' genre.

Sugar Sugar Rune - suggested by Tartza


  1. I've seen the Magicians of Love... I wouldn't really consider it as a reverse harem though...

    The main character is being chased by two males (initially it's only one, but later on it becomes two)

    In my opinion, if you want to watch a drama similar to this "Fated to Love You" is a much better choice!

  2. i don't think Queen Seon Duk qualifies as a reverse harem. it is more of a historical and political drama. and as far as i've watched it, there haven't been any similaritie to F4 in the cast. indeed there are lots of male characters around the Queen but only 2 are in love with her.

  3. I too have watched Queen Seon Duk. But I didnt think romance played that important role in it. there on faitfully loving character near him, the guy in the picture. but later on even he had a political marriage. There were few more characters that had love interest toward her but I would say they never united as harem. lol.

  4. I had already forgotten I even suggested Sugar Sugar Rune. it's been so long since I watched that. :S
    But now that I think about the serie more carefully I still stick to my word. Look at the guys! lol. those two twins in the first picture and that dark hearted guy. And ocasionally other guys too when she is trying to "woo" them meaning steal they're heart as energy...weird but she is a witch. he hee. I ended up rocommending my recommendation. ^-^"

  5. Try "A Kiss For My Prince" it's reverse harem. Its a manga and its actually really good. I just found it like yesterday. (Look on mangafox or onemanga for it)

  6. A good reverse harem manga, or at least im like 80% sure its reverse harem (even if its not though, its still really good) , is "Stardust Wink" there are 6 chapters on mangafox and its ongoing.

  7. thanks for your thoughts guys!


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