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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Unconfirmed and Upcoming TV shows

Four Sons One Daughter  - The first title that I saw before is Four Guys One Girl, so I thought at first that it's a reverse harem. It's a family variety/reality show. But later on youngest member has been replaced by Kim Woo Bin of Heirs. It's currently airing in Korea. Anyone watching this? More info from soompi.

The Records of a Night Watchman - It's an upcoming fantasy ghostbusting sageuk featuring flower boys I mean flower bodyguards..I meant bodyguards! I hope it's a reverse harem. It will be broadcasted on the latter half of the year in Korea. From dramabeans.  

One of the Boys - This is the first time that I received a recommendation from a person that I've least expected from husband! He saw a trailer in our local TV channel and told me about. Well it figures since he's with me who's breathing reverse harem 24/7. It's about a tomboyish girl living with half-Filipino men. I think this is the first reverse harem in co-habitation set up that we have in the Philippines. You can check out their Facebook account.

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