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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ookami Nanka Kowaikunai! and Valentine Nanka Kowaikunai

'Ookami Nanka Kowaikunai!' ('Who's Afraid of Wolves?') by Ikeyamada Go 1 volume-complete
'Valentine Nanka Kowaikunai' - extra

Moe felt like she was thrown into a hungry pack of wolves as the first girl to enroll in the school. Its' the first series of 'Uwasa no Midori-Kun's mangaka. It's tamer than Uwasa but wilder than Dear School Gang Leader. There's only one main guy though. Also check out the Valentine extra.

Thanks to Lolly for the tip!


  1. mm, i have another suggestion.

    you should try Magical JxR, if you haven't already.

    the plotline is pretty compelling and the art is absolutely GORGEOUS. (makes reading the whole thing worth it, even without the reverse harem)

    I'm almost positive that its a reverse harem..up to maybe 4 guys?

    the beginning is a bit mysterious though.

    great job on the site! (you should update more often!!)

  2. I dont get it.... I usually run to these series before you post about them and I dont even realise that they are reverse harem. I guess I'm not using my brains while I read~ -...-"

  3. uh it seems like i made some mistake in my recommendation last time.. gomen.. >__<'

    i'm currently reading "boku_no_platinum_lady". the plot is similar to ookami nanka kowaikunai where the girl had to transfer in an all boys school.. ^^'

  4. oh wait, it's not boku no platinum lady, it's "ah_itoshi_no_banchousama", sorry about that. >_<'

  5. @stellarsky no prob. I actually posted it w/ its' English title 'Dear School Gang Leader' but the post needs serious updating.


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