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Intro to Reverse Harem & Site

This blog is dedicated to news and reviews of reverse harem. Click on the menu on the top right part for the list of all reverse harem titles/reviews by media, archive, and tags.

Reverse Harem or Male Harem (逆ハーレム gyaku haaremu) is a loose genre popularized in Japanese manga wherein the heroine has 3 or more male characters smitten with her who are generally bishonen or ikemen or flower boys. Also check out  Levels of Reverse Harem

Happy Anniversary (originally posted on September 26, 2008)

Wee it's been a year already!

Holy Grail

My most favorite when I started watching animes was "Fushigi Yugi". Over the years I kept on looking for animes similar to "Fushigi Yugi" but I couldn't find one because I didn't know what I was looking for and my only resource then was AXN-Asia and Animax. In January 2007 (9 years after Fushigi Yugi), I picked a random title from Memento's site. I have no idea what the anime is about. All I care about is that I want to watch an anime that is short and has an ending and it was "Ouran High School Host Club". Kirimi's statement is a phenomenal line that will later produce 180 posts, almost 50,000 hits, and counting. It also paved the way for me into reading manga and watching Asian dramas.  There's something about a girl and a love dodecagon of swoon-worthy bishies.

Big Bang Theory

I've always wondered who coined the word 'reverse harem'. Hands down "Ouran" popularized the buzzword in 2006. But the contender of the most popular cookie-cut reverse harem with one girl surrounded by three or more guys is Yuu Watase's "Fushigi Yugi ". The manga debuted in 1992 while the anime aired in 1995. I think this officially set the trend in stone and no earlier anime may equal the cult following and franchise it earned. "Hana Yori Dango" also debuted in 1992 but the romance is strictly a love triangle.

I'm also thinking that reverse harems probably evolved (aside from branching out from harem) from stories wherein girls have multiple suitors or love interests spread out in different timelines like "Georgie" (1981). Maybe we can call it grandmother of reverse harem? As per Mangaupdates, the oldest reverse harem titles we got are "Soredemo Chikyuu wa Mawatteru" (1984), "Fusuma Land 4.5" (1984), "Akogare Boukensha" (1985), "Momoka Typhoon" (1987) and "Hanasakeru Seishounen" (1987). They should also add Hiatari Ryoukou! (1980.) We can probably call them pioneers of reverse harem.

For otome games, the first generally acknowledged is "Angelique" which was first released in 1994.
Reverse Harem has also gained popularity in Western Fiction. The first intentionally reverse harem is The Ghost Bird Series in 2012.  


Statistically, there are a lot of girls over boys, but all it takes is some common cliches and creative storytelling for a reverse harem recipe. There's the guardians, all-boy clubs, girls disguised as a boy or the only girl student in an all boy-school, stepbrothers, girl in an all-boy dorm or house, and more. In some cases, they don't use these devices and guys with no connection or relation to each other fall for our heroine. Of course, the guys will represent a character stereotype as further explained by Kirimi like the prince type, twincest, etc. More bishies, more variety.

Ze Future

I decided to create my first and only fansite after I've seen all the reverse harem animes listed in Wikipedia (They deleted it BTW but here's how the list looks like) and I couldn't find a resource. After each manga or drama that I've finished, I tell to myself oh well it's time to start reading the manga versions of the animes but up to this day I've never done it yet. Because every day I discover some old and new titles. I didn't know that it had been around for such a long time and it must be getting more popular as we learn new projects. In case you've noticed, I haven't started any otome game review yet. I really appreciate those who frequently visit this site, who recommended titles and who shared their thoughts since I first started this. Keep on supporting this site and hopefully, the animation studios will also realize that we need more reverse harems!


Why Reverse Harem Garden? Hmm.. Let's see "For you in Full Blossom," "Meteor Garden", "The Wallflower"...The uber-abundance of roses in "Ouran High School Host Club" and sakuras in "Saiunkoku Monogatari". And to sum this all up here's a cheesy haiku that I wrote in the banner before:

red rosebud blossoms
bishonen by the dozens
love blooms in Eden

9/27/2013 updated oldest reverse harem
6/4/2019 removed Hana Yori Dango and added Levels of Reverse Harem
6/17/2020 removed Candy Candy
8/11/2020 added HYD again

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Reverse Harem Anime 2020

This page will be dedicated to reverse harem anime with the airing date of 2020. Be warned, some may turn out to be not reverse harem after all. This page will be updated with new or upcoming reverse harem anime.

This will also be listed under the main tab of the blog, Upcoming/Watchlist. Please also subscribe to Reverse Harem Garden Youtube Channel, I will create an updated video too if there are new anime.

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Reverse Harem Dramas 2020

This page will be dedicated to reverse harem dramas with the airing date of 2020. Be warned, some may turn out to be not reverse harem after all. This page will be updated with new or upcoming reverse harem dramas.

This will also be listed under the main tab of the blog, Upcoming/Watchlist. Please also subscribe to Reverse Harem Garden Youtube Channel, I will create an updated video too if there are new dramas.

1. "Oh My Baby"|kdrama
Official Site
Airdate: May 13 First Impression and Drama Review Synopsis from Asianwiki
Jang Ha-Ri (Jang Na-Ra) is a single woman and 39-years-old. She works as a deputy manager at parenting magazine company "The Baby." She has a beautiful appearance, but she hasn't dated in the past 10 years. This is because Jang Ha-Ri is a workaholic. She has given up on finding love or getting married, but she still wants to have a baby. Jang Ha-Ri soon becomes involved with 3 men. Han Yi-Sang (Go Joon) works as a freelancer photographer. He conti…

Winter Reverse Harem 2019

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Anime Review: Kiskis! My Boyfriends are Mint Candies!

Kiskis! My Boyfriend are Mint Candies!- 4 episodes

Tang Tang meet guys who each represent a flavor of mint candies. It has a catchy, cute opening. At first there's a different feel on it which I can't pinpoint. And then I realized that they are talking in Chinese! This is my first completed Chinese animation. Well since it was way too easy to finish it. It's 5-minute ONA for 4 episodes. I think this premiered last June 4. But the first Chinese animation I watched is still currently airing (unconfirmed reverse harem), Phantom in the Twilight, which is a collaboration between Japan and China. Oh back to back Chinese reviews after The Flame's Daughter. Is China going to be booming with reverse harem now?

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Sweet Punishment (Amai Chōbatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyō Pet)- 13 episodes based on web manga by Sho Izumi

The story is set in 2038. Hina Saotome 3077 was framed and was sent to an all-male prison. She is placed under the supervision of prison guard, Aki Myojin, who she must obey...absolutely. Warning for adults only! 

UPDATE 2/5/2020:
I already mentioned this before that I'll be transferring adult-themed reviews to Patreon. They will under the tag "adult-themed".

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News Round Up: 3B no Koibito manga gets drama adaptation, Japanese actors with covid19 and more

Special Notice: "News Round-Up" will be released once a month. If its breaking news, it will be posted as "Freshest News". Some may not fall strictly under reverse harem. See Levels of Reverse Harem.

Moyo Yokoyama's LINE manga, 3B no Koibito, gets a drama starting January 2021. Haruka Kobayashi just got her heartbroken and soon after she meets 3B boys or boys you should avoid: bandman, beautician and bartender. Fumika Baba (pictured above) plays the lead. Source: Natalie

The live-action series adaptation of Mairu No Vich manga is delayed to early 2021 due to covid-19. It was originally set to air this fall. Source: ANN (Not a confirmed reverse harem drama).

Levels of Reverse Harem

Reverse Harem titles were very limited when I first started the blog eleven years ago. I was flexible with many titles where it's only one or two guys interested in the female protagonist and other gray areas. But we are now at a point where I can be strict with labeling reverse harem. Let's start with the classification of reverse harem-ness. This is for my sake too if in case I run off course again.

1. Five Flowers - This is literally reverse harem. The heroine has a harem of her own in her inner chamber. And we only have one example for this, manga and drama, Ooku. I'm not sure if this has already been used in Western Fiction though. I found one but for grownups only. lol

First Impression: Mr Love: Queen's Choice episode 1-3 I have unreasonable love already

The heroine is a producer of the show, Miracle Finder, which features all things strange. She meets four different men who in one way or another is connected to the show...and her. They will also lead her to the existence of evolvers, humans with powers.
Finally a straight-up, honest to goodness four flower reverse harem anime. (see Levels of Reverse  Harem) Even though the official site synopsis already mentioned the heroine, I was not having it until we see her visual. She finally showed up in the promotional video a couple of months before the premiere. Then we hear her voice in the final PV. And come premiere, she didn't have a name! But I did like how they script the dialogues or use clever devices to ensure she never gets to introduce herself or mention her name. They also announced her seiyuu only after the first episode aired. Hisako Kanemoto who also voiced B-Project's heroine, Tsubasa Sumisora. Unnamed female protagonists are common in otome games but for anime adap…

Freshest News: Ikemen Vampire Live Action Movie

Cybird's smartphone game, Ikemen Vampire, will get a live-action movie adaptation set in the modern world. It is slated to be released in the spring of 2021. Source: Ikemen Vampire Twitter  (Not a confirmed reverse harem drama)
Plot of the game from VNDB: A chance encounter in the Louvre leads you into a mansion full of some of the greatest men from history! But there's a twist: they're all out for blood. Your blood. Can you survive a month living under the same roof as these deadly handsome men? Or will you give into temptation?
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Reverse Harem Anime 2019

Here is the list of the reverse harem anime which premiered in 2019. Dig in below if you need to catch up. This will also be listed under the main tab of the blog, Upcoming/Watchlist.

1. "Meiji Tokyo Renka TV" TV anime series| 12 episodes| based on otome game
Anime Review
Official Site 
Airdate: January 9, 2019

Synopsis: Mei keeps to herself because of her ability to see ghosts.  Not wanting to be the center of attention she finds herself chosen in a magic trick. She's then brought to the past where she meets popular men of Meiji history.