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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Children's Day!

From wiki:

May is the month of the Iris Festival. The tall-stemmed Japanese iris is a symbolic flower. Its long, narrow leaves resemble the sharp blades off a sword, and for many centuries it has been the custom to place iris leaves in a boy's bath to give him a martial spirit. Originally May 5 was a festival for boys corresponding to the Doll Festival, for girls, but in 1948 it was renamed Children's Day, and made a national holiday.

As I posted in my profile, in "Saiunkoku Monogatari", Ryuuki gives Ran Shuei and Ri Koyu these flowers as a sign of his trust to them. While in "Earl and Fairy", Iris is a message of love in the language of the flowers. And yup it's my nickname too. Summing it all up I'd like to consider myself a messenger of all the beautiful boys in reverse harem. :3


  1. isnt it also tradition to put out as many fish flag as your house has boys or something......

  2. I'm not sure if you know, but Angelique Kagayaki no Ashita 7 is out. You can watch it here --->http://www.stream-anime.org/view/7216/Angelique-Kagayaki-no-Ashita-7/

  3. @Jamie Thanks for the heads up!
    @Tartza Oh I didnt know that


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