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Monday, May 11, 2009

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince or Coffee Prince - 17 episodes

Go Eun Chan is the head of their family. She does odd jobs and even pretended as a boy to work in a coffee shop which only employs male 'princes'. It may be considered reverse harem at the part wherein she's the only girl in the 'Coffee Prince' but the story is more than that. It was addictive and tearjerky but I lost interest during the end. I didn't find the stories of the supporting characters relevant. I was only in for Go Eun Chan and Choi Han Kyul. Her character is unforgivingly selfish and naive in love which is understable in the way she grew up. She has distorted which is right and wrong. Great acting by Yoon Eun Hye. I think I liked her style among the gender benders that I've seen. Horikita Maki is too pretty, while Ella Chen is too boyish. She balanced it with her androgynous feature and natural tomboyish charm. I was so-so with Gong Yoo but the minute he started with serious scenes he's the total opposite of his playboy character. The lovely soundtrack of drama soothed my ears after the uber-pop-ness of BBF. If BBF got me to eating midnight noodles with 'Coffee Prince' I got to learn how to brew coffee for the very first time. There'll be a movie too. More info from dramabeans. Finally, I've watched this. Thanks for all the people who recommended this.


  1. try this new manga, very cute and different..."ATSU ATSU TRATTORIA" by Washio Mie. it has only 2 chapters out but i can see the reverse harem coming (do 2 people count?)well, hope ya like it!

  2. i absolutely loe this kdrama, which suprised me since i had been putting this drama 'on hold' list for long time since i didnt like the heroin in h is only one girl er first drama 'princess hour'. but she was suprisingly not annoying and good in this one which is always a good thing especially in reverse harem because since there is really only one girl, you have to actually stand her from the beginning to end. now i'm rambling. heheheheh...

    what i was trying to say that i really love jae wook ( the supposed japanese- he really looked like one doesnt he?) and i know we are supposed to reccomend only reverse harem here but you have to see antique bakery by him. its really good. though its not reverse harem but light yaoi. you wont regret it.

  3. i LOVED this drama. doesnt hurt that gong yoo is an insanely sexy beast XP
    I think i'd consider it RH- it had that one point that most have: the cute guy who acts like he's dating the girl... if you know what i mean like he teases the girl a lot. In this it would be the player waiter.
    plus, the strong waiter kisses her, right?


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