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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Freshest News: Kim Bum in Philippines/ Freshest Rumors: HYD adaptations

Lee Min Ho endorses Pepsi, Kim Hyun Joong for Coca Cola and now Kim Bum is going to make a CF for a local brand Sarsi RC cola. He arrived here in Manila to shoot with local actress Maja Salvador and will also do some charity work for orphans affected by the storm Ketsana. More info from allkpop. (I want to see him!!!! )

There's also some rumors that Maja will be the lead for the Filipino adaptation of Hana Yori Dango to be aired next year. It's supposed to be titled Brat Boys Beyond and in wiki I saw Bulaklak sa Hardin (Flowers in the Garden). Taken from here. Also unconfirmed I kept seeing blogs mentioning that Malaysia is also set to create their version with 'Bunga' but found no legit looking site to back it up.

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