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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Polls: Saimono Couple

The winner for your favorite couple in Saiunkoku Monogatari are Ryuki and Shuurei! If the previous polls had the two candidates this poll is the opposite of it. Technically it should only be 10 because Shuei Ran didn't show any interest in her and Reishin Hing is her uncle (but he wants to marry her *sweatdrops*). But I was too lazy to edit the pic for the 12th day of reverse harem christmas. I had to add the two so to complete the 12 bishies. XD Here are the results out of 244 votes.

Ryuki Shi 102 (41%)
Seiran Si 62 (25%)
Sakujun Sa 18 (7%)
Koyu Ri 16 (6%)
Kijin Ko 12 (4%)
Ryuren Ran 6 (2%)
Shin Suou or Tan-tan 6 (2%)
Riku Seiga 6 (2%)
Eigetsu/Yogetsu To 8 (3%)
Shuei Ran 5 (2%)
Ensei Rō 2 (0%)
Reishin Hong 1 (0%)

1 comment:

  1. HIDE THIS! Ensei would cry if he knew he didnt get any votes at all.


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