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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Kiss to My Prince

A Kiss to My Prince by Kim Hee Eun 5 volumes-completed

Sei-Ann dreams of marrying a prince. She finds her ticket to her dreams through a letter of recommendation to work as a maid in the royal castle. I'll just be vague because one it's a must read and two it's disappointingly short. After reading it I have to read the first couple of chapters again to laugh at her stupidity. I love mangas wherein I get caught off guard by the twist and the characters are unpredictable. There is something more beneath the shallow first impressions to the characters. Beautiful art too. This is the second manhwa that I've really enjoyed reading after 100% Perfect Girl. Thanks to Tartza, VonAwesome and anonymous for the tips!


  1. omg this manga is finish??
    I've read it like 3 years ago and couldn't find a vol 3!!!

  2. I though it was Full House Kiss. I always confuse those two. I like FHK better than this one. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of shallowness. But there's just something that egged me on to continue reading. After many days, I really just got tired. But the resolution was okay I guess.

  3. I enjoyed this story...if only it were longer.


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