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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Upcoming: Starrry Sky

Otome 'Starry Sky' will be animated. More info from ANN. I've read this from way back I thought it's just going to be another Hetalia Axis or Miracle Train.


  1. wahhh!! can't wait for it's release!
    i think it's cute since i've read a few details from a website about each character. and based from the pic they are absolute bishies~
    actually i wanna find the manga but i dunno where to start..haha:D

  2. hey wats the name of this in japanese???

  3. I think it was marketed as Starry Sky away right away. Not too sure if it has a japanese translation.

  4. This upcoming anime looks promising.
    But to think the heroine is going to be surrounded by, like, 12 guys.....lucky girl!!XDDD
    I wanna know the release date, but it seems like they didn't put one on yet.


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