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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Upcoming: La Corda d'Oro 3 anime

The otome game, La Corda d'Oro 3, will be animated. It was announced on the La Corda d'Oro 10th Birthday Event as tweeted by one the seiyuu's manager. The storyline and characters are all new and entirely different from the first two La Corda d'Oro anime series. From MAL.


  1. OMG!!! Im so excited!!!

  2. I'am happy there's a game of season 3 for this..but I'am still sad wondering when will they continue to that hanging story at anime La Corda D'oro S.2

  3. Yes! I'm waiting for this to become anime! Finally! :DD

  4. when will it be released?!!!! omygosh!!!!!!!!

  5. La Corda d'Oro 3 anime on April 2014 ♥♥ Uta Prince no Sama 3rd Season on 2015


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