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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Round up of Upcoming News


Aksys will release "Hakuouki: Stories of the Shinsengumi" in PS3 format. No release date yet. From ANN.


La Cordo d'Oro 3 anime will air on April of 2014. From ANN. While the manga will be released on the January issue of Lala which is on November 22. Also from ANN.


Hakusensha will publish a special issue called Lala Fanatsy next month with oneshot spinoffs of Maid Sama and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime and extra chapter of Vampire Knight. From ANN.

Hakusensha will also launch Lala Melody online magazine. It's a free magazine that will be updated every Friday starting November 22. It will also feature mangakas of Hana Seishou and La Corda. From ANN.


Lee Jia stars as "The Thrice Married Woman". The weekend drama will air on November 9. It's an unconfirmed reverse harem but she'll be twice married at the start of the drama. More info from dramabeans.

Boys Before Friends is looking for a new F4 Chase (Sojirou) as Napoleon Tavale has to leave due to conflict of schedule. From BBF site.

Not upcoming but just aired..It's Reply 1994. Thanks for the anonymous tip! The news from allkpop sealed the deal for me. It's about a daughter of dorm owners and five potential husbands.


  1. Finally! La corda d'oro s.3 anime is out! finally,just finally!

  2. I suggest this Korean Drama called Heirs. It's not exactly 'reverse harem', but there are practically enough males in it for it to be one :)

  3. @Nuri Shizuna Roku it's an entirely new la corda it's not a third season of the 1st la corda.


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