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Monday, October 7, 2013

Anime Review: Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict - 12 episodes

Ema fathers remarries and finds herself with new stepbrothers...13 of them! Conflicts ensues as each of the brother confesses for Ema.

At first, I wasn't too keen with the character art and story. They look distorted especially Ema, Azusa and Tsubaki. But then again, it's I think it's because I already knew the story. If I get to read the book before the movie I will most likely not like the movie. And vice versa, if I already watched the book I will most likely not read the book. The same goes with mangas/novels and animes. But as the series progress, my love for  it has reawaken. Check out my thoughts on the novel's summaries here. The novel is now on it's second volume. Let's hope for a second season in the future. They still have Iori's conflict to cover. 

The ending song "14 to 1" deserves a separate discussion. The story is already pure fanservice to reverse harem fans. 13 brothers after 1 girl? But making them all sing and dance?? It's really too much for me. I'm way beyond nirvana now. Ugh! I want them all to be my stepbrothers!  

Please join the poll, you have to make a very difficult decision of choosing just one because I can't. My top 5 are the triplets, Iori and Subaru. And because Iori mentioned my nickname, I decided to resurrect my about me page.


  1. I would choose either Yuusuke or Natsume. Personally I think she'll end up with Natsume because they seem to have the most in common, and he seems to actually respect her.

  2. Honestly my favorites are Futo, Yuusuke and Louis. Like I really love them! Oh and Hikaru is the funniest of them all :)

  3. I have got to say I absolutely love Futo and Iori. Sadly I think she might end up with one of the twins. I mean they are pretty much the faces of BroCon :(

  4. I absolutely loved BroCon. But I was super depressed when they ended it on a cliff hanger. I really hope they air another season. Mainly because I cant find English translations of the second season manga and I sadly know absolutely no Japanese....well except for the entire BroCon ending song...

  5. Uhm hello there :) I was wondering if you could suggest reverse harems? Maybe your favorite ones? For the past days, I have been watching reverse harem animes and now I'm a big fan of it! I have already watched Brothers Conflict, Diabolik Lovers, Ouren High School Host Club and I really love them! <3 Problem is I can't find animes which are somehow similar to them.

    Btw, may I ask if Starry Sky is a reverse harem? Because I watched the first 5 episodes I think and they're just introductions of the boys.

    Hoping for your response :) xo

    PS. Filipino here :DD

    1. Why hello there kababayan hehe! Sorry for the late reply. If you like light-hearted and funny RH, you can try Kamisama Hajimemashita and Kaichou-wa Maid Sama. Since you liked DiaLov, you might like Amnesia. It's also dark but way tamer. My personal faves are Fushigi Yugi (but it's old) and Saiunkoku Monogatari. Sorry I still haven't finished StaSky. I think I've watched 5-6 eps only but otomes turned manga/anime are generally considered as rh.


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