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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy April Fool's Day

From Magic Kyun Renaissance via ANN. Also, check out Reverse Harem Garden Facebook page for the official twitter icons.

Baby Project..I mean B-Project via ANN. Vote for the babies you want to see as adults. Only the top three will be chosen.

Ikemen Night holds election in judging the character's butts and launches a new historical vampire series. From ANN.

Prince of Stride is also holding a popularity contest. Via ANN

Rejet characters like Diabolik Lovers and Marginal 4 gets a Kemono treatment. Via ANN.

There's a new member in Marginal 4 idol group. Via ANN.

Ozmafia gets a spin-off game OZMAFIA!! 0-RefleXion- with limited trial version. Via ANN. Check out RHG page for the twitter icons. 

The website for Uta Prince no Sama becomes an interactive game for prince cat. Via ANN

There are some treats that I found too but I'm not 100% sure with some.

From Kamigami no Asobi

Yume 100

Mystic Messenger

Meant To Be

I'm gonna wait for Breadmasterlee's April Fool's post. Please visit again to check for the updates.

UPDATE 1: April 4, 2017
From  Dengeki Online. I saw most of the pranks on Twitter but I was having difficulty discerning if it's a joke or not. Check out the link for the full list.

The Dynamic Chord Managers will also become a band.

The wings will take over the Vitamin X account. (I have no idea what this means.)

 A mini game of Tamaki The Run was released in Idolish 7 app.

Cocktail Prince will get a live action film featuring Tom Collins and Moulin Rogue.

UPDATE 2:April 11, 2017

Check out Breadmasterlee's screenshots of the April Fool's pranks.

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