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Friday, July 11, 2014

Anime Review: Kamigami no Asobi

Kamigami no Asobi Ludere Deorum- 12 episodes

Yui Kasunagi is transported to a mysterious garden together with gods from different mythologies. There's the Greek Gods: Hades, Dionysius and Apollon, Japanese Gods: Takeru and Tsukito, Norse Gods: Loki, Balder and Thor and oh yeah an Egyptian teacher, Thoth. The gods are tasked to get closer to humanity through interaction with their human classmate, Yui.

I loved the premise of teaming up different gods from different mythologies. I'm really into Greek and Roman mythologies back in college. I also loved the fact that my nickname, Iris, is a Greek goddess of the rainbow. But sadly the plot didn't offer much. It did succeeded though in providing eye candy-- handsome and scantily clad gods and colorful animation -- and funny school misadventures. I thought featuring one or two half-naked god/s were going to be the standard fare but it stopped after fourth or fifth episode.

The anime also reminded mo of a lot of previous reverse harem shows. There's the Ouran floral character intro cards. The Heart no Kuni no Alice faceless students. And of course, who would miss the Brothers Conflict idol-style ending song.

The character designs of the gods are all very, very attractive and their god forms are sigh-inducing except for Loki's. It doesn't look flattering at all. But that's not the worst. Could I just say that for the record, Melissa is the ugliest mascot/sidekick ever. I'm sorry Melissa! I could say though that this is the first time I've seen a magical boy transformation Apollon-style.

It's good that the gods have personalities to match their pretty faces. I also liked the fact that they're not fighting unreasonably over Yui. But I wonder if some of the characters will have a more intimate connections with her in the otome. If we're just going to talk about appearances, I think Thoth is really, really hot! But surprisingly my heart goes for Takeru. I don't like short guys, but his sweet side won me over. Aww!

Is it just me but I have this feeling of being claustrophobic. You know being locked up in a garden with faceless classmates and with just them for company for the entire school year. And sorry for being spoilerish there's no villains either. But then again if you're going to be cooped up with those bishie gods it's okay I guess. Oh wait...I just realized that it is literally a reverse harem garden. Get it? A reverse harem in a garden. Love it!

I liked how it ended. Nothing extravagant, just them looking all so adorable. In a nutshell, it's all style no substance but still delightful to watch.


  1. I really enjoyed kamigami no asobi and i think its an amazing anime and I just love your reviews. Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Man, I loved this series. For one, the female protagonist (Yui) had sass and personality unlike most otome-based anime where the female would just stand there, say a few words, and be all dumb-like taking whatever's coming to her. Otome anime need more characters like her.

    My favorite is Hades. His hair, cheesy-but-adorable puns, and his whole 'emo-loner-I-want-others-to-be-happy' type gets me going. Not to mention Daisuke Ono's voice. Takeru is a close second, I tend to favor the tsundere types as well, because you know they're good people who are just misunderstood. I also like that he's shorter than the other guys (he's my height exactly, so maybe that's why?). Also-also, his voice. And then there's Tsukito. He's definitely in the top 3, and IMO, pairs well with Yui. I mean, the gods are all very attractive, like, I just don't even understand.

    I agree, I think it ended well. Closure was satisfactory, and although I would LOVE to see another season (or two...THEY'RE ALL SO HOT), it finished at a good part (as long as you watch all the way to the end of the credits!). No cliff-hangers or brotherly/friendly fights announcing who would win such-and-such's heart.

    Yeah, I'll have to watch this again.

  3. I forgot to add - the OP and ED songs are super catchy. So good.


  5. the manga of this seems a little different. I hope a better end.

  6. Do you know if there's an Ova for this anime? and if there is, can you please give me the link to it? bc i reallyyyyy like this anime and i can't seem to find the Ova of it. best if it's english subbed :) thank you !

    1. There is but I think it hasn't been subbed yet :(


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