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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fall Reverse Harem 2017

Falling For Them novels Volume 2 on September 22 and Volume 3 on September 29.

Good Morning Call Our Campus Days Season 2 (unconfirmed) on September 22

Sengoku Night Blood on October 3

Code Realize anime on October 7

Meeting Silas on October 24, 2017 

Dance with Devils: Fortuna movie on November 4

I removed Sengoku Night Blood and Dynamic Chord as it looks like bishonen animes instead of reverse harem. Click on the titles for the official sites. And did you noticed, both the trailers of Code Realize and Dance with Devils are filled with cogs.

UPDATE 10/1/17- I added Sengoku Night Blood back again and Good Morning Call 2

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