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Monday, October 16, 2017

News Round Up: B-Project season 2, Dance with Devil trailer and more!

B-Project anime will have a second season. More information on ANN.

Watch the new trailer from Dance with Devils featuring songs of Lindo, Jek and Hatano. More information on ANN.

Here is the cast of the third Diabolik Lovers stageplay, Diabolik Lovers More, Blood. Most of the cast are new except for the two returning actors from the previous play. The play will run from January 25-28. More information on ANN.

Otome Yusha game release is moved further to winter. Check out the PV of the game. More information on ANN.

Romance game app company, Voltage, has created an anime and IP division named, Vol Pictures last October 2nd. It will produce merchandise, animes, publications, stageplays, and events for its parent companies properties. More information from ANN. Voltage has over 90 romance titles as noted in their website

The profits of Media company, Broccoli, went down by 70% in the first half of fiscal year. They produced Uta Prince No Sama. Kamigami no Asobi and Magic Kyun Renaissance. More information on ANN.

PS: Please join Kenka Banchou Otome polls. It can be viewed through a computer or by choosing desktop version in mobile.

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  1. I absolutely love otome games! I am super happy that more games are getting localised! Please everyone, buy the games! It helps the company to produce more and translate them into english!

    Poll voting done!


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