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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Drama Review: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo- 20 episodes

Go Ha Jin drowns during a total solar eclipse in the present time Korea and then wakes up back in the time of Goryeo dynasty. She becomes entangled with the 8 brothers/princes' fight for the throne.

This is based on Chinese novel, Bu Bu Jing Xin which was also adapted into Chinese drama, Scarlet Heart. I watched the pilot episode of this kdrama version a year ago and I was not impressed so I placed it on hold in favor of Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn Over the Clouds. Then I finally decided to pick it up again.  My first thoughts were how will the main couple fall for each other. It seems impossible as they hate each other and there is no chemistry at all. Second, as much as I love reverse harem, I cringed on how she becomes the center of attention for all the princes. But boy oh boy, I was wrong.

The drama is very successful in making you fall in love and break your heart. And not just once! I feel sad for the first guy and for the other guys too. But in the end, nothing can stop my love for Wang So. I didn't like him at the start but my god I just love him now! The first guy always analyze everything, with Wang So he rushes without thinking and unapologetic for what he wants. I loved all their acting, IU as Go Ha Jin/Hae Soo, the princes and most especially, Lee Joon Gi as the Fourth Prince. And could you believe I ignored Nam Joo Hyuk (of Weightlifting) here. I'm sorry!!! But thanks to this he's now forever connected with reverse harem.

I didn't know how much I was vested into it. I only knew when it was nearing its end. After it ended, I was so depressed for a long time. It was like nursing a very bad break up. It hurts down to your marrow. It was like Goblin all over again. If you want a warning for this type of reverse harem dramas, be warned of another sageuk, Hwang Ji Ni and jdrama and movie, Ooku. I hate period dramas, it's like you're on thin ice. Everyone just dies left and right though treason or illness. Later on Iu's character also said the same thing.

You may be afraid to watch this now because of what I've just said but this is now one of my all-time favorite dramas. Not just in reverse harem genre. Even though the original Chinese drama had a spin-off and the ending gives hints of season 2. We may not get one as it bombed in Korea due to Love In Moonlight. I admit the start of Love In Moonlight (click on title for my review) certainly hooks you but afterwards, it becomes tedious but compared with Scarlet Heart it builds up to a tension until you burst into million pieces. I ended up choosing Love In Moonlight before. It's perfect yet boring. Meanwhile with Scarlet Heart, its imperfections make it perfect! I wished I watched it sooner or maybe not. I couldn't bear probably watching this simultaneously with Goblin. 

But there's still a silver lining, I found a way to nurse a drama heartbreak and that is by re-watching the first episode which is full of hope for the future. I was too greedy that they will always be happy. I couldn't watch shoujo for a while so I decided to watch shonen but the melancholic songs (Naruto is so full of it) and the usual chores like doing laundry is triggering my Scarlet feels. I want to re-watch it but I don't know until when to stop or I might risk feeling heartbroken again. I'm still contemplating if I should watch Chinese version or not.

I beg..implore...plead...to all of you to please, please, please join the petition for the second season. Although the ratings were poor in Korea, the drama fared well with international viewers. There's still hope!

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