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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fall Reverse Harem 2018

No, for the first time I'm not late in posting. I just don't have anything to post for upcoming reverse harem titles for this fall. :( I held off posting Bakumtasu. I'm 50% it will be bishonen anime and 50% they will announce the heroine when it gets nearer the air date just like in Idolish7 and Sengoku Night Blood. They recently released additional characters including an unnamed character simply described as a mysterious woman. She's also included in the key visual at the very far back. Do you think she's a heroine or not?

Bakumatsu - October 4 | Official Site

If you have tips for reverse harem shows airing this season, please leave a comment. Thanks! :)

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UPDATE 1: Bakumatsu doesn't look like reverse harem. Added Legend of Prince

Top Managment kdrama - October 31

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