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Friday, September 7, 2018

Drama Review: Good Morning Call and Good Morning Call: Campus Days

 Good Morning Call - 17 episodes

Nao Yoshikawa finds herself duped into renting an apartment together with one of the top three popular hottest guys in their school, Hisahi Uehara. They must keep this a secret to everyone -- friends, family and school. 

I find the couple very boring but they can be cute at times and the series is watchable. Nao can be irritating but she has her charms. Uehara's is Mr. Zero Excitement but I love it when he gets jealous. Things turned around, well for me anyway, when the guy I was crushing on became part of the reverse harem. It was a surprise even though you already guessed since there were hints. Overall, the series is so-so but to my amazement, I enjoyed the season 2 so much that looking back I realized how important season 1 is. It is to lay the plans for something better and I can look back to this with nostalgia. Burning question, who is the no. 3 popular guy in school? This is based on the manga by Yuke Takusuka. There's an anime OVA adaptation too featuring Uehara's birthday but it's not a reverse harem.

Good Morning Call: Campus Days - 10 episodes

Yoshikawa and Uehara are now in college. They live now as next door neighbors and goes on different colleges. What obstacles will they face now that they are not together as they used to be?

The second season had an aesthetic makeover. It looked so refreshing. The hair/makeup particularly Nao's. The interiors of their homes. And most especially the clothes! The clothes! I want Nao's wardrobe! It reminds me of pupegirl and is now part of the most fashionable series list I have in my head. 

As I mentioned the two had a vanilla relationship okay wrong choice of word but you know what  I mean. But for the first time, I feel giddy for the two. I also find Daichi cuter now. I don't know why I ignored him in the first season! Must be his hair and he looks menacing and bitter in the former. But really, the most compelling reason to watch is Natsume. I feel guilty for harboring these feelings for someone so young. Lol.

Second lead syndrome strikes again for both seasons. But I realized on both occasion when the second lead guys acted on their feelings I felt happy but at the same, I felt sad. As much as I love them especially Sugino *swoons* the couple - Nao and Yoshikawa - has grown to me. They are very convincing in portraying their characters with their pureness and their feelings for each other. Life is so unfair!! Also, all the circumstances to push the heroine towards the other guys in S1 and S2 are so not believable. Twice the whole universe plotted everything to make it happen.

I can relate to Nao's concern that the only reason they are together is that they lived together. If it could have been anyone and he'll fall in love with that person. With my husband, I think it was critical that we live in the same neighborhood and that I was his first girlfriend. We broke up and the cliche first love never dies was applicable to us. So I think it could have been anyone and he will be forever hang up on his first love. But I realized now that it wasn't true because there were previous girls he dated but just did not follow through. Destiny and luck play too but at the end of the day it's still your feelings for each other which will determine your relationship. 

I want to re-watch it just for the clothes and Natsume but my heart can't bear to relive Natsume's heartbreak. Ten episodes were not enough for me. I wished it was as long as the first season. The only reason I picked this up was from the heartbreak for pining on the second leads of The Flame's Daughter. Argh. Back to back heartbreak for me! By the way, Sugino Yosuke (Natsume) is actually in Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu. He plays the brother. I need to watch the movie soon.

Thanks Botan del Rosario for recommending this. Also, second Neftlix Original now. Yay, another reverse harem enabler.

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