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Monday, March 1, 2010

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Hanasakeru Seishounen - 39 episodes

Kajika was tasked by her dad to search for 3 husband candidates that he had already pre-chosen for her. It is based on the manga originally published in 1987 so the story has the 80's and 90's feel of over-the-top twists, traversing around the world and political/ family/ royal intrigues. It's an old theme yet a new flavor for your reverse harem anime palate. But I felt the ending didn't match the build up of hype. The bishies have their own unique conflicts and charisma but for the first time I'm not really rooting for anyone. I thought Lee-leng was too old for Kajika then I found he's only a teenager raised to be mature. Eugene reminds me of Sa Sajukun. Sicko lol. Lumati grew up to be hot. Carl is like the irrelevant supporting character among the 4 like Mimasaka of F4. Meanwhile the heroine is a very strong and confident character.

The animations is not consistent, it looks so crude at times. The studio also switched directors in the middle of the show. The character design reminds me of Tytania, the anime which preceded Hana Seisho. I thought it was a reverse harem and then I dropped it after 2 episodes. All in all, Hana Seisho is addictive but lacking. They could have improved it.


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy this one but a great review!

    I'm currently watching this myself!

  2. Aside from the lacking art and animation, the story got fairly interesting later on. I really enjoyed watching it.

  3. I watched this and it was very slow to start off with.
    Her personality of stubbornness and immaturity can be overwhelming while watching this anime. But it was good, it was one of those stories you want to watch till the end. There was a bit of a disturbing moment when there was a kiss between cousins, but the show was good overall.
    Lets just say the right guy WON ;)

  4. I enjoyed it, but the only reason to watch it is the story line.

    I like the review though.

  5. i love, love, love this anime and even the manga. it is dramatic and over the top but still one of my favorite reverse harem's. wish i grew up on an island and had a pet leopard.... =p!

  6. hilarious review on the first 5 episodes @ http://psychsouljam.kokidokom.net/category/episode-reviews/hanasakeru-seishounen/

    btw, this site is amazing and iris is a total goddess to share her garden with us. however, my heart and fanatical worship is only for fictitious rh bishies. i know you understand. domo arigato!!!! <3, ~Hana

  7. Just finished this series recently and I LOVE IT. I love all the lovey dovey moments between the guys and Kajika and the plot is really awesome too! Not some romance anime without any real plot. :D

  8. i really enjoyed this anime i've watched it twice now, its got romance, a plot and some action which is hard to come across in this genre as most other reverse harem involve each episode dedicated to a certain character. This was refreshing and interesting. I love your blog as well its one of my favorites, i come to this garden every time for latest updates as well as the anime list. absolutely love it thanks so much for this garden :D

    1. You're welcome! Pick as many as you like and frolic on the garden. ^_^


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