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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Book Review: The Ghost Bird Series Book # 6: Push and Shove

Book #6 The Ghost Bird Series ~ Push and Shove by C. L. Stone

The Academy boys face the aftereffects of new synthetic drugs spreading in the school. They also have to deal with Nathan's abusive dad who has returned home. And on top of all the pressing issues they're facing with, it has now become obvious to Sang that the Academy has not allowed the boys to kiss her...on the lips.  

This is for mature audience only. It has veered from young adult to new adult. Heck the previous books should be off limits to younger audience 'kay? I think I should create smut ratings but coming up with descriptions is making me stressed. Maybe later! Hah! Anyway read more after the jump since some are spoilers if you haven't read the series.

Picking up the sixth installment brought me to nostalgia of skeptical me when I first started reading the series. I roll my eyes on Sang's nose for their individual scents. It's like she's perfumer or something. But later on I realized that it is actually a very useful talent. And I don't get Victor's fiery eyes. Everytime Sang stares at Victor, she kept on going on about his fiery eyes. I can't imagine someone on fiery eyes mode on all the time. There's a lot more but I can't remember them all for now. I'm also amazed again on how everything tidily fits to an impossibly perfect reverse harem world.  But as I read further, I have succumbed again to my guilty pleasure. You know that with all logic and reason in the world it's not supposed to be okay but I still jump blindly without care.

The fanservice went up a notch steamier. Personally, I think some of it are not so doable in real life. :P But at the same time her relationships with the boys have become more complicated. Their actions now have serious consequences. I noticed though the Sang comes back to reality of asking the hard questions conveniently happen after all the fun parts have been done. And when I meant fun parts I mean loooooong fun parts. Or rather the author recklessly indulges us and then brings us back to Earth like hello that's not even sane or right.

It's going to be hard to make all the boys get equal "airtime" but I'm disappointed when I don't get to see their reactions to situations that I know they will be jealous about. But we'll probably see it on the next books. I'm not really a fan of the teachers. I know they're young but I always picture them as father figures. The way they try to cross or about to cross the lines of point of no return is enough to slowly thaw my skeptic heart. I just don' want to be rushed with them. My heart is still reeling with all the attention from the younger boys!
The burning question is who gets to kiss her first. The only hint I'm going to give is yes she's finally going to get kissed! Seriously C.L. Stone is so sneaky! 

And now for other miscellaneous musings. I'm wondering who Volto is I bet it's someone we wouldn't be expecting. What if it was actually Karen? Or Jay? I thought Rocky's a good guy and a potential love interest but author officially made him a douche. I'm glad she removed the dream sequences it really doesn't make sense to me. I know judging the covers is superficial but let me still do it anyway. I find the cover  too generic though and doesn't gel in with the previous covers. I particularly don't like the shapes. 

I said before that I was not really after the plot. But after the major events that happened in the last book I was expecting for a development. It's like a filler episode of hopefully of greater things to come. Compared to all the books in the series this book makes my heart feel heavy but in a good way. It's not about who gets to hug her or kiss her or do whatever things they want to do with her. It's now about are they really in love with her? I particularly liked Nathan's POV. We're now talking about feelings. It was already established when the boys POV first started in the earlier books but I wasn't taking it seriously then. We all do want the fanservice but in the end it's their genuine feelings that triumphs on any given day.


  1. I'm actually thinking that Volto is Wil... Just my opinion...

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, btw for introducing this to me >.< I couldn't stop myself and has given up my 1-week vaction just to read it but who cares, its all worth it!! I love you <3 <3

    1. You're welcome! I love you too! tee hee <3 <3 <3

    2. I was also slightly thinking that it could be Derrick... Haaah... can't wait for October to come ;-;

    3. My first guess by the way is also Will but then I feel like the author is setting us up to think it's Will. But then Sang has a nose for scents so she might have not met this person in his/her normal self. She would know since she described Volto's scent before. But then again she never really described the scents of other supporting characters. Just my theory. hihi

    4. True. Which makes me want to really ask the very honest author, C.L. Stone, if Volto's persona is someone whom she's already mentioned or what-not... But our strong first guesses might be true though. The simplest answers are always looked upon.

      Not that I'm sayin' that the book is predictable becoz we know its not, but, the author might be thinking that we're looking too much into it when in fact it is right in front of us :)) Just sayin'...

  2. I think I already have a lead to who Volto might be~ :))

  3. the 7# will come out this month. I can't wait.


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