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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Drama Review: Happy 300 Days

Happy 300 Days - 15 episodes

Chen Ya Ting, single and pregnant, returns back to her mother's seaside vacation inn in the country. Around the same time, they also receive three male guests who are all each troubled with their past. There's a fired architect, an alcoholic doctor and a fugitive gangster. The unlikely trio will band together to protect Ya Ting and her unborn baby and possibly be the husband/father too.   

When I first saw the picture of Taiwanese drama from Viki, I was thinking a pregnant lady and three prospective husband/father candidates is indeed a reverse harem but for all the wrong reasons. But this is not the first reverse harem that dealt with pregnant heroines. The first of its kind is kdrama, Three Dads and a Mom. I don't have a paid Viki account so when I caught half of episode two in Screen Red on cable, I  just had to watch it everyday. It ran for an hour and thirty minutes but they split in into two 45-minutes episodes bringing it to a total of 23 episodes. I wouldn't normally finish this type of dramas this fast but since I don't have any other way to watch the subtitles, watch it I must!  

I could relate with the heroine's pregnancy woes...A LOT! I guess the only thing that didn't happen to me is the peeing in her bed. They were able to pull of the timelapse factor by making her look more mature but they failed miserably in making her a believable pregnant woman. Where's the baby fat and bloating and all? But hey that probably too much of reality I guess. 

I feel the production had way too many budget in their hands and just happened to create a reverse harem drama on a whim. The location is outstanding! There's the feel good soundtrack. Cute styling. The drama had the perfect recipe but it was too just too scripted and too cliched. I wanted to expect more. It can be hilarious at times but the corny antics outshined more. The most memorable scene is when one of the guys makes evil faces using the baby as a prop. That was really the most hysterical scene for me but at the same it was just so wrong because he is practically shaking the baby. But I'm a creature of habit and looking forward for it everyday for the two straight weeks became a routine to me. It grew on me like I never wanted it to stop. And being a housewife for about ten months now also played a big factor.  

My favorite guy is the gangster, Yao Yang. He's really cute especially with his new haircut at the last part. I just couldn't stand his leopard prints. Happy is simply adorable and so does her acting! Wu Chen of reverse harem tdramas, Hana Kimi and Romantic Princess, also makes cameo.

This may not be your cup of tea especially to the younger audience but it's good that there's a reverse harem for every age and taste. Pregnant women represent! ;p

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