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Monday, September 14, 2015

Drama Review: Dream Knight

Dream Knight - 12 episodes

Joo in Hyung is a very positive girl who lives by herself and who strives hard to fulfill her dreams. She's also a big fan of the idol group, GOT, who goes in the same school with her. Then one day four mysterious boys with strange powers appear to protect her.

I feel so cheated with dramas which blatantly package themselves as reverse harem. Case in point: Flower Boy Next Door, Rooftop Prince etc. It has a touch of reverse harem with its cohabitation and guardian set up, but for the romance department it's strictly a love triangle, But prior to the home-crashers, In Hyung is used to living alone by herself in a lone trailer down the riverside and I'm like this is a murder scene waiting to happen.

The opening credit is a cheesy dance off with a Diabolik Lover vibe. But the title card looks so amateurish. The web drama is joint production between Korea and China featuring the idol group, GOT7. We are now used to ONA format in animes and so even though it's the first time I've seen a very short episode for a drama, 13 minutes, it wasn't hard to get the hang of it. Kpop boy bands + web drama is becoming a thing now. There's the already finished, EXO Next Door (thanks Angie for the tip) and the ongoing, To Be Continued. Anything I've missed? That's a promising trope to watch out for! Yaaas! 

I procrastinated on watching this but once I started watching it again, it was too easy to watch since it's really short. The drama showcased the GOT's dancing prowess and I was impressed with the two main guy's acting too. I was disappointed with the performance for the main event because I really thought In Hyung is going to dance like a pro! (oops spoiler!). For me, the evil girl should win it. Lol!

And now for some small stuff. I lost my mom, so it struck a chord in me when they broke her video camera.  I also love the cameo of  Yoo Gyum (I just have to Google her) as the older hot woman who kept getting splashed with water. Also, I don't know what is the deal with the evil girl's mother, was she adopted? I might have missed the part where it was explained. There's also a cameo of Choi Woo Shik from Rooftop Prince. 

The storyline is just average and it ends on a happy note. The only thing that set it apart from the usual dramas is when the supposedly evil guys are one step ahead of them and they explained the twist afterwards. So that was kind of unpredictable. 

GOT7 is also coming to our country in November and I don't think I'm that too invested to them to watch and I'll be on my third trimester by then. But I'm disappointed, that I might be missing Kiera Cass' booksigning this weekend. I no longer have the energy to stand or wait for hours in my state. 


  1. I like GOT7 so i gave the kdrama a go, it did grow on me and i did wish the episodes were longer. Maybe the story line would have been better if it was more detailed.

    I still enjoyed it and wouldn't mind watching more kpop x kdrama

  2. I love the drama so much! But, the ending where JB suddenly appears again really confuses me! I may have missed something but why does he end up coming back? Is it just her imagination? Is it a start to a whole new story? Someone please help me out and tell me 😱😭

    1. I think it was ambiguous ending where it doesn't really matter what the explanation is but he was able to find a way to be with her or maybe's he's a reincarnation. XD

    2. Maybe they just want to give us an open end, so we could choose who she stay with. But I still think they need to explain how JB comes back and what happened with Young Jae, Jackson and Mark.


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