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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Drama Review: Gogh, The Starry Night

Gogh, The Starry Night - 4 episodes

Go Ho is workaholic and single. Her boss drives her crazy but it gets crazier when she gets a new boss who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend. But the craziness in her office doesn't stop there...

You think it's a slightly reverse harem then to my surprise the harem gets bigger and bigger. It literally becomes a full-blown contest for the guys where they rate themselves against each other for the main girl.  The heroine is refreshing. She's not the perfect heroine who does all things right or the typical pushover. She does all things unlovable and I love her for it. BTW, the heroine, Yuri, is from SNSD. I also love the main guy. You'll be blindsided by it but it builds up with the flashbacks. Meanwhile for the second lead, I feel sad for him. I was not rooting for him though but still. The other harem members are unnecessary but add novelty to the reverse harem trope. 

The drama is collaboration between Korea and China. It first aired as 20-episode web drama and then was re-released as 4 episode TV drama. My expectation was it's going to be full 20 episodes long. So I rushed on straight because it was addicting and realized too late that it was already ending after 4 episodes. I felt like I was cheated. I would have been happy instead of bitter. It ruined it for me. Since its short, the story is fast paced. Every episode makes me giddy. 

The drama reminds me of a reverse harem drama which I haven't finished, 12 Men in A Year, about a girl who dates all the guys representing the zodiac sign for an article. In Gogh, she writes the different guy stereotype you meet in the dating game for her article. I also realized, I have a backlog of office dramas in reverse harem like Go Go Go and Hakuba ni Oujasama. You may also want to try From 5 to 9.

And in other unrelated stuff, I love Van Gogh's art, just because he painted my namesake flower, the irises.   

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