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Monday, July 17, 2017

Drama Review: First 7 Kisses

First 7 Kisses -  8 episodes

Min Soo Jin has never been kissed. Then she met a goddess who grants her wish in the form of seven celebrities.

When the news first came out, it was like the fantasy reverse harem casting came true. But the hype went down a notch when I found out its going to be a webdrama. It would be really memorable and significant if indeed it was a full blown drama with these big names. Although it seems impossible to get this ensemble in one project at least we get to experience it at least once.

My favorite among all is Park Hae Jin's (the boss). His story is down to earth among all the stories. I loved Ji Chang Wok but I didn't like his action story. I'm not a fan of Lee Jong Suk, but for some reason, I liked him here. Meanwhile, for Lee Min Ho, I said I outgrew him after Legend of Blue Sea, but after seeing him in this kind of role, my feelings came back in an instant. 

And just like that, they are now officially part of the Reverse Harem Garden's harem. XD And speaking of reverse harem connections, we have four actors who already starred in other reverse harem dramas. Choi Ji Woo of Star's Lover (but I haven't finished it), Lee Joon Gi of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (upnext on my watchlist for dramas), Kai of Exo Next Door (unconfirmed RH) and of course, Lee Min Ho of Boys Over Flowers. 

Who would you choose to kiss if it was you? Lee Min Ho is an easy answer but I have to reconsider Ji Chang Wok...And Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Suk is so cute here too. Is the fairy godmother good or just evil? Lol

The drama was produced mainly to promote Lotte Duty Free. The story is as straightforward as the title goes. Do not expect that much. Just watch it for the eye candies and minute squeals. This is not the first time reverse harem was used as marketing tool. More recently, it is also used for chewing gum, Lotte in Japan. Check out the marketing tag below. 

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  1. ....i want them all.... i can't choose!!


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