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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Anime Review: Sengoku Night Blood

Sengoku Night Blood- 12 episodes

Yuzi was transported from present time Japan and straight to the middle of warring clans in the Sengoku era with historical figures. But the world is actually Shinga and the war is between vampires and werewolves clans. 

The warring clans are her harem. That's a total of six harems I mean clans: Oda, Toyotomi, Takeda, Sanada, and Date.  This is the largest bishonen count too of 26 characters! Her special snowflake is her blood which can awaken their powers. But they seemed to be after Yuzi as herself. Someone did note though, and I forgot who if she's seducing all of them. And I don't get it why she's in shorts/culottes almost the whole time. In that era, shes' practically naked. 

In the game it was based on, each clan was drawn by different Otomate artist: Usaba Kagero (Wand of Fortune) for the Oda Army, Mai Hanamura (Amnesia) for the Toyotomi Army, Shikisakigumi (Hakuōki) for the Uesugi Army, miko (Code:Realize) for the Takeda Army, Kuroyuki (Period:Cube) for the Sanada Army, and Teita (Norn9) for the Date Army. But the art and personalities of Oda army remind me of Sakamaki brothers of Diabolik Lovers. And the bloodsucking is a cross between Diabolik and Hakuouki.

I was very excited after the first episode but it quickly waned. Quantity of bishonens doesn't equate quality. Instead of one character per episode, it had a let's-feature-an-army per arc. It was very confusing to track who's who and in the end, I can only remember two characters and the rest are just fragments in my mind. Unsurprisingly, no favorite character/s. That is the downfall of the anime. It's too crowded with bishonens for you to care and it doesn't help that the story was boring too. Yeah the bishonens are certainly eye candies and I loved the opening but aesthetics alone will not save it. I had a very hard time finishing this. The only reason I completed it so that I can move on to other titles but it was counterproductive as it took me longer instead. I am a sucker for timeslip and the element only served its purpose which is to set the story and nothing more. 

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