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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Fantasy Harem 2

These are the always-laidback-but-dead-serious-when-they-mean-business types. They also understate their bishonen-ness by wearing glasses, hat and mask. Beneath the looks they're strategists and always act as a mentor or leader.

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto
When will we ever see his face?
Hobbies: Reading adult novels and being fashionably late
Powers: Sharingan, Thousand Years of Death, Chidori, summoning dogs and my favorite Kakashi harem erm clones

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By ayreesa

Kisuke Uruhara from Bleach
What happened to him in the past?
Hobbies: Shopkeeping, making secret underground tunnels
Powers: As Founder of Shinigami Research Institute he's a genius with inventions that were almost always outlawed. Zanpakuto: Benihime, bankai is still unknown.

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By ayreesa

Bekko from Zombie Loan
My jaw dropped when I saw his makeover at the finale and it run for like under 10 seconds.
Hobbies: Greedy manager of Z-Loan, giving donations to zombie's families and planning trips to promote teamwork
Powers: As Ferryman his power is still unknown. Does his ping-pong prowess counts?

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