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Friday, October 26, 2007

Not A Reverse Harem 2

Guys falling in love with the female protagonist? Check!
Gender Bender? Check!
But wait this is a boy that magically turns into a girl! This would also be a reverse harem if not for that one crucial detail.

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By ayreesa

Ranma 1/2- Ranma's father promised his mother that he'll be raised as "man amongst men". But while training, Ranma fell on the Spring of Drowned Girl. From then on Ranma becomes a girl when doused with cold water. His curse can be reversed temporarily by hot water. He got his fair share of harem and reverse harem, but Ranma had a lot more of unwanted male pursuers in the manga than in the anime.

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By ayreesa

Tenhsi na Konamaiki or Cheeky Angel- Megumi wished to become "man among men" but the genie pretended to misheard it as "woman among women". He will revert back to his original form only after 10 years and so before that time arrives he have to endure against the advances of raging adolescent boys.

Thanks to Tartza for the recommendation. Sigh! I don't know what happened to my previous guestbook. That's why I have a new one.


  1. The whole water thing is backwards. Cold-girl, Hot-guy.


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