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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Related/Upcoming: Code: Breaker to be animated

The anime adaptation of the shounen manga "Code: Breaker" will air in October. Someone left a tip in Skribit years ago that yes it's a shonen but it's about a girl and 4 guys. I think I'll try it.  More info from MAL.

Updated: Added trailer. More info from ANN. Official Site here.


  1. I read some of Code: Breaker, yes it has a lot of guys, but if you're really focused on romance, it has none.

    I could be wrong, though, i didn't read the whole thing.

  2. There is a tad bit of a romance subplot, as the series progresses so far in the manga however. Rei and Sakura to be specific.
    No more of me telling! Wait for the anime to come out my good peeps. It's pretty good of a manga.


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