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Monday, October 16, 2017

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood Poll

And a super late post... from two years ago. The winner is again, Ayato for Yui. Check out the previous post and scores for the first season of Diabolik Lovers here. Here's the rundown of the votes for the second season: 

Ayato Sakamaki 88 (40%)
Ruki Mukami 36 (16%)
Subaru Sakamaki 27 (12%)
Shu Sakamaki 25 (11%)
Kou Mukami 10 (4%)
Yuma Mukami 9 (4%)
Reiji Sakamaki 6 (2%)
Laito Sakamaki 8 (3%)
Azusa Mukami 7 (3%)
Kanato Sakamaki 3 (1%)

It looks like it alternately goes from Sakamaki brothers to Mukami brothers and vice versa. After watching the second season, I prefer the Mukamis over Sakamakis and most especially, Ruki.
But we only have 219 votes compared with 637 votes for the first poll. And if I have not made myself clear, I really hate Laito and Azusa, so I'm happy they are at the bottom. 

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  1. Ruki and Shu for me! I need both of them hehe <3


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