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Sunday, October 1, 2017

News Round Up: Idolish 7 and Sengoku Night Blood videos and a lot more!

Check out the key visual and first 2 minutes of Idolish 7 first episode. The anime will air on January. Get more information on ANN.

Here is the promotional video and key visual of Sengoku Night Blood anime. The voice actress for the heroine, Yuzuki, has also been announced. The anime will premier on October 3. More information on ANN.

Watch the Code Realize trailer with English subtitles.

Kiss Him, Not Me will have another drama cd but this time featuring the anime cast. It will consists of three character focused shorts two of which are based on the manga's omake. More information on CR.

The sequel manga, Fruits Basket another, will end on its third volume. More information on ANN.

Watch the promotional video of mobile game, Otome Yusha (Otome Hero). The app will be out this fall. More information from ANN.

The live action adaptation of manga, Good Morning Call (unconfirmed reverse harem), will have a sequel. The title is Good Morning Call ~ Our Campus Days. It will have an original story about their college life. It premiered last September 22. More information on ANN.

Yoochun's (Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince) second accuser was found innocent. Yoochun was previously found innocent on the four accusations of sexual harassment filed against him last December 2015.  More information on Allkpop.

Kang Ha Neul denies dating rumors with IU (both from Scarlet Heart). From Allkpop. Kang Ha Neul has also entered the military. From Allkpop.

I've updated Fall Reverse Harem 2017

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  1. Omg my heart swooned when i saw Lupin in the trailer!!


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