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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saiunkoku Monogatari Second Series

"Saiunkoku Monogatari Second Series" - 39 episodes complete

Shurei will face many trials as an official while the Emperor will face more responsibilities and loyalty issues. The second season is basically divided into two major arcs. There will be new allies, enemies and characters who doesn't fit on either categories. Some of the bishies will also realize their feelings for Shurei. Welcome to the club! I'm really disappointed with the second season. The story is trying to be too cryptic and Shurei and Rui were apart for most of the time. I felt like it was too stretched. Plus the certain villain I was looking forward to only had a cameo. :( The third season be better be good if there will be one. The opening and closing themes songs are still the same.


  1. sorry this is unrelated to the post but is "my mighty princess" [a s.korean movie] considered a reverse harem?

  2. It's ok. I'm not familiar with the movie. :S Anyone seen this movie? Let us know :D

  3. its allready finnished :S
    I didnt know (really need to start watching more anime and reading more manga again..... but where can I find the time...)
    sorry I dont know that movie ether -.-"

  4. i watched about half of 'my mighty princess'. I don't think it's a reverse harem, cause even though she does help out in the hockey team full of guys...it's not like they are in love with her.
    i dunno, i only watched half so maybe in the end, they do all end up liking the character. i think her best friend likes her, but i don't know how that turns out in the end and she on the other hand likes this one guy who likes another girl...

    anyways, i watched about half of the episodes of sainkoku season 2. I thought it was fun, i love the anime. but yeah, the plot can get really complicated and stuff.
    i love the characters...i've become so attatched to them :D

  5. Hmmm..I might check it out then. ^_^

  6. i found a website where you can watch all the episodes subbed.


    I really like this series but the ending of the second season didn't satisfy me. It's a cliffhanger XD

  7. who's game with spoilers!!

    it's revealed on the novel that the time limit given by ryuuki would be...

    how about just try to read for a translated novel??
    it's revealed there... and it seems shuurei will be a consort, but she tries to pursuade ryuuki to also have jyuusan-hime as well, because she can't give birth... why? It's also revealed on the novel...
    and oh, she becomes a consort, after she goes to kou province to do something, which is also on the novel..
    i've given much spoilers already!!!

  8. where can i read the translated novel of Saiunkoku Monogatari? i have been searching for it for ages.... please some heelpppp

  9. Woot. I hope there's am English translated novel of Saiunkoku Monogatari. Someone share please... If ever there exists one.

  10. I think the SM in mangafox are the the novels.


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