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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hanatsukihime by Wataru Hibiki 2 volumes-ongoing

Lys has a flower mark in her chest as proof that the devil owns her heart. In exchange for the beating heart he will take her life when she turns 16. The twist completely caught me off guard. Ohh can't wait! Too early to tell if it's reverse harem but she has a knack of attracting the attention of one local in each town they visit. The art is beautifully detailed but the characters looks distorted at certain angles.


  1. try this one, its definatly a reverse harem that is enjoyable!!! Gokuraku Doumei <3 have fun!!

  2. ouh I have been reading this one too ^.~ it shouldnt be just called manga but art book (lol)

  3. I found something fun!! Galism by YOKOYAMA Mayumi.....really a treat.i think i will be a reverse harem but it is comical and fun!

  4. wow you're in reverse harem spree! keep 'em coming! :D

  5. oh, thanks!(ur so nice ^-^) and im sure you have been reading this already but i dont know for sure "Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" and is now DEFINATLEY a reverse harem. yay

  6. also (gosh you have been hearing a lot from me...) i think u havent read "Devil and Her Love Song" (possibe reverse harem, still not yet known)

  7. oooh kaichou wa maid sama is now a reverse harem(according to the comment before me)??
    coool, i read that a long time ago, and it wasn't really a reverse harem when i was reading it. but if it is now then that means that one guy who i didn't think liked her actually does like her and...yeah haha

    devil and her love song is one of my favorite manga. i don't think it's reverse harem yet though...more like just a love triangle.


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