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Monday, December 31, 2012

Kamisama Hajimemashita

The homeless Nanami is wandering aimlessly due to her father's debt. She meets Mikage who transfers the "god' seal to her. She becomes the land god of a rundown shrine with guardians, Onikiri and Kotetsu and fox familiar, Tomoe. 

Someone suggested the manga years ago but I didn't find it as reverse harem then. When I found out it was going to be animated, I was on a lookout for it since I enjoyed the manga. But lo and behold the poster looks so reverse harem! It was only then that I realized the significance of the three beasts lore: fox, crow and snake.  It's a device prevalent in mangas especially in reverse harem titles like Love Monster, Black Bird etc.

The anime reminds me of Maid-Sama. It's light, refreshing, funny and sweet. The set up also reminds me of Maid-Sama, although there's other guys (erm beasts) who are after her, the main story is really about Nanami and Tomoe. I need season 2! Pronto! I seriously need to find time to read the manga. I also love how they insert the middle part of the song as the closing song. This is officially my favorite anime series for the year and I super love Tomoe!

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  1. The ending of the anime was perfect ^_^ Reading the rest in the manga will be satisfactory.

  2. As much as I like Tomoe, my (most of it lol) kitsune love seems to belong to Soushi Miketsukami (*^v^) he's such a hawt nommy nommy fox! But yes, this anime was a light and fun watch. I do like it better than Maid-sama though. And if it's true they'll have season 2, I'll be lookin' forward to it then. (^v^) Cheers for a great new year!

  3. The ending was pretty good, though somehow te art is not really my type. I like the art in the manga I Am Here. This anime was pretty good though, and it was really funny! I'd recommend it to anyone who likes Ouran High School Host Club, even if there is no gender bender in Kamisama Hajimemashita.

  4. I am so glad i found this anime is so adorable the ending was beyond cute.
    Do you know if there will be a second season by any chance?

  5. There's no news about it and I have no idea where the manga is at right now but let's hope so!

  6. theres a Kamisama Hajimemashita OVA! its two OVA episodes of the 16th volume of the manga. you should watch it if you haven't :)

    1. yup already saw ep. 1. still waiting for ep. 2 :D

  7. Any updates on this anime? Seems that at the end of the OVA they introduced another character and it hinted at more to come. I'm dying for more! Thank you so so much for recommending this!


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