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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Freshest News: Diabolik Lovers otome to be animated, Sweet Fuse: At Your Side English otome

The otome Diabolik Lovers is green-lit for anime adaptation this year. It's about a girl who transfers in a night school and ends up living with six sadistic vampire brothers. More info from ANN.

Aksys will release an English version of otome, "Sweet Fuse: At Your Side" in North America this summer. It's about who girl must save her uncle and everyone else by playing wicked games with available bachelors. More info from Crunchyroll.


  1. Wow! They look like one of the best reverse harem thing to look foward to! Luv ur blog :D

  2. OMG i haven't read this for about a week! May the reverse harem gods forgive me! And too bad these anime are not coming out sooner... though i'm grateful it's coming out anyway! -SO EXCITED-

  3. @blogreader 1 - Thanks :)

    @blogreader 2 - yay may the RH gods forgive me too for not posting lately


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