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Monday, April 13, 2015

Anime Review: Kamisama Hajimemashita Second Season

Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) - 12 episodes

The second season of Kamisama Hajimemashita continues with Nanami's misadventures as a land deity. The story can be divided into three arcs: Nanami attends the annual gathering of the gods. Nanami goes to Mount Kurama and Nanami goes to the New Year shrine god. And the suspicious-looking guy from the OVA is officially introduced as the villain of the story. 

We can add another one or maybe two supernatural character/s that is/will be smitten to our human god. There are also a lot of new colorful characters that will double the fun fare. The character count with an all-white hair and matching white brows and lashes have also increased: Mizuki, Okuninushi and Suiru. And I'm really wondering why Nanami is not bothered by that pantless monkey!  

For me, the first season is more on Nanami's feelings for Tomoe. In the sequel, it shifts to Tomoe's feelings towards Nanami. The ending is so sweet! It's making me smile now as I type this. I think what makes the two endearing is that it's not full-on lovey-dovey. They're always constantly bickering and when they let their  guards down to show their true feelings, it's priceless!

Kamisama has this anything-goes-vibe, feel good rom-com but if you look closely it is carefully calculated. There's another story building up in the background. There are a lot of kitsune (fox) stories but I just find Kamisama refreshing and cut above the rest. Even though it's about the supernatural stuff with engaging plots and twists, it was executed with grace and simplicity. It pulls you in like gods and monsters are the most natural thing in the world. Aside from the story, all the elements perfectly fit together to create a wonderful experience. The character designs with lovable personalities.  That weird, old intro voiceover. The dancing opening sequence. The same singer from season one. The first season ran for thirteen episodes. I wish the second season also ended in the same odd number.

And now for some random crossovers. There is a scene where Tomoe impersonated Nanami. I swear I heard the sound effect that happens when Naruto does a shadow clone or more specifically when he's about to do the sexy jutsu. I think it's because Tomoe was going to do a sexy trick on someone. XD But then again this might be all in my head. Meanwhile the ending of the story is so very Fruits Basket. 

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