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Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Review: The Selection Book # 4: The Heir

The Heir (The Selection Book # 4) by Kiera Cass

We thought the Selection trilogy ended when Prince Maxon chose America. But it continues in it's fourth installment with their now eighteen year old daughter, Eadlyn, holding a Selection of her own with 35 candidates. Spoilers ahead.

Just like my usual dilemma in keeping up with all the boys in a novel format, almost all of the guys are forgettable. The only guys that stood out are Ean, Kile, Henry and Eric. I think the two main guys will be Kile and Eric. I was waiting for the twist where Eric will come out that he's actually the candidate and he switched roles with Henry. But that didn't happen. They did have a security check after all. If the rest of the guys doesn't up their game in the next book, my guess is Eadlyn will end up with Kile. This is just me basing on how it turned out with America's choice of the prince winning over the pauper. But let's see if the author will surprise us on this. I was also half-expecting for her twin, Ahren and her maid, Neesha to become villains, but that's just me overthinking things. I think her cousin, Josie is going to be such a pain in the ass but later on they'll be best of friends just like Celeste.  

I didn't expect Eadlyn's personality. It does make sense that she'll be haughty, but I just didn't expect her to be against the Selection. And now that I think of it she reminds me of Queen Elizabeth and her dilemma on finding a marriage match for political gains and sacrificing love.

I love her passion for fashion though. I used to draw clothes in highschool and considered taking fashion design in college. Naturally, I love books that vividly describes what the heroine is wearing. I just realized this now that I'm like Eadlyn in terms of not being vocal with my love for fashion because I hate for people to judge me as shallow or materialistic. I love dressing up but I don't make it a point to tell people how much I love fashion or how I plan all the outfits in my head in advance. Eadlyn is like that, she matches her mood and enjoys coming up with her next  outfit but she's too shy to show here passion as they might undermine her authority. The other day, my husband misplaced three of pairs my boots and I can't stop obsessing about it and it reminds me how Eadlyn was obsessed with Josie using her tiara. It seems immature of her but I can be like that too. See how I get carried away when it's I'm rambling about fashion and yet I really find it hard to talk about Eadlyn's other redeeming qualities. 

I didn't formally write a review of The Selection so I'll be sharing just a general review about it. Overall, I'm not a fan of Selection series. I'm not a member of any Team fill-in-the-blank so it was so-so to meet again the main three characters in their old age. I'm confused of what to expect from Selection. Clearly, it's intended for young adult and I consider myself young at heart hahaha but it just failed to enchant me.  I think it's because I was expecting a bachelor reality game/ fairy tale but its so serious because of the politics. I'm not that hooked to The Heir either. But I can say it's just okay. The final installment, The Crown will be out on May of next year.  The secrecy of the past was still not discussed in the fourth book but maybe they will shed light about it on the final book. Very Attack on Titan? The books almost always end in a nonchalant way and even though there's major events that happened in The Heir's ending, I just don't find myself empathizing with Eadlyn. And even though it failed to make a big fan out of me it has a big following enough to warrant a second visit here in our country for the booksigning. If my memory serves me right, Cass is the only author who came here for the second time. I decided not to go which was really disappointing but I already anticipated that there will be a lot of people and I'll just be stressed in my pregnant state. It was an understatement. Just look at this picture below! They even cut the line for the registration and I'm seeing people in twitter with assigned number in the 800+ Check out the the rest of pictures of the event at NBS. I hope she comes back for the third time in the future. After all, three's the charm!


  1. I'm currently playing Norn9 and i love it, i do hope Japan will further invest into english translated otome games.

  2. I really can't wait january!!!


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