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Sunday, December 24, 2017

News Round Up: Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu manga ends, Shortcake Cake manga license and more!


The manga, Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu, will end on January 4. It had a TV adaptation last April and movie last July. More information on ANN.

Shoujo Beat will license Shortcake Cake manga.  The first volume will be released in August 2018. More information on ANN. (I've been posting Shortcake Cake wallies. Yay! Confirmed reverse harem?) 
Ten Serizawa has a two-hour commute through the mountains to high school every day, so she can't spend much time hanging out with her friends in the afternoon. She decides to move into the local boardinghouse, where one of her friends and three other boys are living. Ten's friends consider her to be as oblivious as a rock when it comes to noticing boys and falling in love, but will she be able to keep her calm and steady heart in her new living situation?

The recurring and new cast members of the musical, Dance with Devils~ Fermata~, has been announced. This third musical adaptation will run from March 15-25. More information on ANN.

Otomate will have its own 6-storey building by February. It will be named Otomate Building. The first floor will be a crepe shop; the second, a character shop; the fourth, a game concept cafe and the fifth, events space "Otomate Square". More information on ANN.

Kiritani Mirei and  Miura Shohei are dating recently. They starred in Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto but at that time Miura was dating Honda Tsubasa. They've become closer after the two broke up plus they are also complex neighbors. From unleashthegeek tweet. This is the fifth couple from reverse harem dramas! Check the tag below. 

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