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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Wallflower

Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (The Wallflower or Perfect Girl Evolution of Sunako of Many Forms or My Fair Lady)- 25 episodes based on Tomoko Hayakawa's manga

Sunako was rejected by a boy she liked because she was ugly since then she shuns everything beautiful and bright. Her aunt entrusts then these four bishies to turn her into a lady or else, their rent will increase. This anime is a breath of fresh air against the cutesy, beautiful animes.The jokes are irreverent and the drawings seems crude with Sunako being in chibi form half the time. If you're into gothic and dark anime, then this one's for you. See there's reverse harem for everybody. The soundtrack is also cool especially the rock ballad "slow" by Kiyoharu.


  1. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is one of my favorite manga... i have already watched the first few episodes in the anime. Sunako-chan is so cute! and well, kyohei is just so dense. and Sunako as well. XD anyways, this is a great series.

  2. meh..I'm kinda disappointed with its ending...I'm not sure though..O.o is the ending the one where they went to the party where sunako 'became' a lady by dressing up with a beautiful white dress and then she fell on the stairs and kyohei catches her...then I'm really disappointed....:'( I still love it though :D XD

  3. i seriously love this anime/manga if people like sunako were real i woud so be one too :)

  4. i seriously like this anime if people like sunako were real i would probably be like them

  5. i love this series so much i could watch it all over again everyday its really awesome i just cant wait when they finally update the manga <3


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